Hi guys

(Same thread as the WipEout 2048 Official bug report but this time exclusive to Vita)

I've come up with a plan of action to make it easier for us to view and collate bugs. If you could stick to this template from now on, it will make it a hell of lot easier for us to look into them further:

Title (a brief description of the issue)

Frequency (how many times you have experienced it)

Step by step guide (a run through of exactly what happened prior to the issue, explained in the simplest manner)

Result (The issue itself, what happened afterwards and what you did to try to fix the problem ie quitting back to the main menu.)

Online or Offline (where you signed into PSN at the time?)


The trick is to keep it concise, if we need any more info we'll contact you. After completing the template we will look into the issue and act on the information- we'll let you know of it's progress and keep you up to date here