Afternoon everyone

I have received multiple messages concerning scores on the Speed Lap Leaderboards from those who have gained top scores using the FEISAR Prototype ship exploit.

Though the guys here at the studio have fixed the exploit itself, many scores remain in the Top 8 for almost every track and speed class. This is something that many people feel to be unfair as they are unable to beat those times and gain a place in the top 8 - a view shared by us all at studio.

Instead of removing the scores, we felt it should be put forward to a poll here and set this post as the first of many possible in the future. Depending on it's outcome all FEISAR Prototype scores would be removed or remain on the boards.

It's a simple yes or no vote but I'd love to get a conversation going and hear why you have chosen to vote in favor or against the removal

- Nak