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Thread: A Couple Questions About Triakis

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    Default A Couple Questions About Triakis

    1: From looking at videos on Youtube, I've noticed a lot of "pro" players use Icaras to make world records/really good lap times. My question is, is Icaras to HD as Triakis was to Pure?
    2: A less substantial question, does Triakis have physical airbrakes ingame? You can obviously use them to enhance cornering, etc, but between having both activated and not, I haven't been able to notice them within nor without Photo Mode.


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    When I started using icaras I wasn't even considering the stats of it... I had been using AG-Systems but I found that the icaras felt nicer to fly. Then I discover that everyone uses it. :/ felt kinda stoopid
    I think the piranha has the same stats as the icaras except better shielding, and I'm considering switching to that for regular races (my ship gets pretty beat up :X) but in Speed Lap where shields don't matter I find the icaras is the best choice.
    As for triakis.. maybe they did away with airbrakes and secretly brought back the inertial deceleration system?
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    I think it is safe to say Icaras for HD/Fury is what Triakis is for Pure. Although the difference is smaller compared to the other ships in Pure. Triakis in Pure can sets records with more than 5 seconds difference to any other ship in the game. Goteki45 is the second best ship to set records in Pure. AG-Systems is real good competitor in Single race.

    In HD/Fury I think almost any other ship is good as a second choice, it's just a matter of practise.

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