AG Press
October 3 2214


Liana Morelli of Triakis Industries will return to racing for this weekend's round at Sebenco Climb, the team confirmed today.

This marks a big milestone in her recovery from her accident at Metropia earlier in the year, which left her with debilitating spinal damage.

It was speculated that Morelli's treatment would see her miss a couple of rounds of the season and it was believed that she would be ready to race again in the lead up to this race.

Triakis team principal, Samuel McNaughton, confirmed Morelli's return in a press conference at Makana.

"We're very happy to see Liana's recovery going very well and to such a point where it is safe for her to be flying again."

"However, we will continue to monitor her health in-case of any problems that may arise as a result of the normal strains piloting AG craft can have on the body."

Morelli's return sees Greek Jason Colonomos, who filled in for Morelli, without a drive after it was announced Triakis was terminating his contract following poor results in the previous two rounds.

"We did have some reservations about replacing Liana with Jason, but we made that decision based on his longer racing experience over Clara (Mandel; Triakis' third pilot)."

"This move will allow us to concentrate our efforts on supporting our pilots to success for the rest of the season: Liana with her rehabilitation and Clara with her development."

Colonomos was not available to comment.