AG Press
July 18 2214


Valentino Bergamisto has been announced as Qirex's FX400 pilot for 2215 following his current good form in the FX350.

Bergamisto's signing would fill Qirex's coveted seat following Qirex's failure to sign Jean Belmondo and as a result forced to race with Nadia Elenova for this season.

The Italian pilot, currently racing for FEISAR in the FX350, is currently performing his best season yet with two wins and on the podium for all but one race sees him leading the League by four points over Assegai's Obaid Meer.

"I feel really humbled to be even considered to become a Qirex pilot." he said. "Yes, I may have won a race here and there, but in no way I felt that I could mix it up in the FX400 with such an iconic team. I owe it to them for acknowledging my talent."

Felix Levovich, Qirex's Director of Operations, is fully behind the decision and claims that Bergamisto is the best talent in the current field of FX350 pilots in terms of consistency rather than outright speed.

"AG racing can be approached in two ways: speed and aggression, and consistency over the course of several races. (Ryoichi) Honda is the best pilot of the FX400 because of his pace, but Valentino has the consistency and that is what you need if you are to keep a strong foothold of the Championship even if you don't win."

"We are dedicated to resurrect Qirex and bring it back to the front of the grid, and you can be sure that Valentino will deliver that in spades. If he doesn't, than we know it's something to do with the craft."

The signing meets with new AGRC regulations that allow teams to sign drivers during the mid year break to race the following season.