AG Press
June 9, 2214


Liana Morelli piloting for Triakis Industries is out of the FX400 due to neck injuries sustained at the previous round in Kyoto, Japan.

Morelli crashed into a trackside arch after activating a boost as she was exiting Gemini's Pin. Although this did not cause too much damage to both Morelli or her ship, she struggled throughout the race, just managing sixth.

After medical teams, led by the AGRC's doctor Dr. Rikio Takada, examined her she was diagnosed with a broken neck, which has led to paralysis in her legs and fingers.

"The force of both the impack with the barrier, along with the whiplash from her upward lauch, caused tremendous froce onto her neck which has caused this injury".

Despite this, Dr. Takada was optimistic that Morelli will return toward the end of the season.

"It won't be hard to repair the damage to her neck, the only problem will be the time it takes for her body to function normally let alone race again".

"Whether she will return at Sol 2, Talon's Junction or even next season is another issue."

Following her sixth place, Morelli currenly stands fourth, just three points behind the new leader and last year's champion, Roman Kovalenko.