AG Press
June 8, 2214


The technical data used by the AG Systems racing teams has disappeared during Round 5 of the Anti-Gravity Racing Championships.

The data, used by both FX350 and FX400 ships, reportedly used testing and on-track data from previous sessions and solutions for craft development.

AG Systems' technical director, Ralf Prichard, said that the loss of this data has put AG Systems far behind the rest of the competition.

"We had put a lot of work to get this far in the League, but now there are serious doubts whether we can continue to battle for the title."

Luckily, AG Systems had backed up most of the data, but had still loss some core systems that could not be backed up.

"We have got a starting point at Least. With this, we hope we can geet back up to speed before the Amphiseum".

AG Systems, piloted by Þora Haraldssen, are currently 2nd in the FX400, just three points behind leaders Assegai Developments, piloted by Ryoichi Honda.