Hi guys,

a little tie-around until I finish some main content. If you guys had been following the 2214 FX400/350 which I have been organising in the Arena, you would notice that there is no Mirages in the latest round at Moa Therma. This is due to Mietepiet being absent from the race (amongst others), but I though I could make this a bit canon to the Chronicles, so, here's the reason.

AG Press
8 April, 2214


Mirage Racing have announced that they would not be competing in round 3 of this year's AGRC Racing Leagues. This announcement follows on from the increasing financial issues besetting Mirage's parent company, MAGEC.

To combat these issues, MAGEC have set in motion fairly radical changes to the management of the company and it's assets, including the Mirage team.

MAGEC's founder and CEO, Sheikh Mani Zayed made this announcement: "The decision to not race at Moa Therma reflects our current situation and what we need to do to continue on."

"As far as our current finances are concerned, a dedicated effort on Makana would be much more economical than an international round". When the topic about Mirage's continued involvement with the rest of the season, Zayed was tight lipped.

"We don't know about our position with the remaining AGRC rounds, but we are not focusing on those at the moment".

Mirage, who entered the AGRC in 2206 in the FX350, have had credible success in both the FX400 and FX350,
but have failed to capitalise on their previous successes and remain without a League title.

The gained particular notoriety when they entered the FX400 in 2209, when they chose their local test pilot, Sebak Abou-Gazia, to become the team's lead pilot over their FX350 pilot, Roman Kovalenko, who would go on to win back-to-back titles with Harimau.