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    Sorry for an delay in more content. I have been a bit slack for the whie due to holiday and uni starting up again. So here's a little filler in the mean time.

    I wrote this a couple of months ago when I bought 2097, planning to post to this thread. Hope everyone likes it.
    P.S: For reference, I'll upload the F5000 results asap

    Pilots of the 2097 AG Racing League


    AGE: 25
    NATIONALITY: South African
    ID: MBOT194.15.32.92

    Geoffrey Mbotho's nickname is "Africa's wonder pilot", and he well intruely holds up this title. Before AG racing, Mbotho was known to be a "test" pilot as such, testing a home-made ship he and his friends built together in his home town of Johannesburg. He was quickly noticed by FEISAR scouts as they toured the region in the mid 2090s. Seizing the opportunity to broaden their reach, FEISAR offered Mbotho a five-year contract with the team, bringin wealth to him and his community. Mbotho had his presence felt within his first two years of competition, scoring several finishes in the points, and managing 5th place in the 2096 season. Expect this hotshot to fly with the top-runners this season!

    AGE: 22
    NATIONALITY: English
    ID: HUNT175.3.54.26

    Jeremy Hunt is best remembered for being the youngest ever pilot to be signed onto a professional team. However, that's where most of the praise stops as Hunt is still having trouble to gain position as he was expected by everyone around him. Hunt was always hooked on AG racing, it's even rumoured that he was able to say "FEISAR" before mummy. This became a big problem for his parents, as they tried to get him into other hobbies and sports. But Hunt was nothing but one thing: AG racing. His determination and love of the sport led him to dominate the junior leagues in Europe before being signed to race with FEISAR at 16, beating the Tetsuo twins and Sofia de la Rente as the youngest rookie in history by two years (albeit he didn't actually compete in a full season until 2093).

    AGE: 26
    NATIONALITY: American
    ID: ATKI140.4.68.40

    Despite being American born and bred, Dawn Atkinson spent most of her education and training in Europe. A recent graduate of the FEISAR pilot development program, Atkinson was installed quite quickly as second pilot after Xavier Wilson's fatal elimination during the 2091 season. Atkinson is one of the smartest pilots in the field. Not surprising as she has an IQ of 130 and aced FEISAR's pilot's program with ease. This has helped Atkinson keep a good, consistant pace with the other pilots. However, she would need to be more agressive if she hopes to catch the top pilots.


    AGE: 30
    NATIONALITY: Japanese
    ID: OHAS220.59.21.100

    Already a two time champion, Saburo Ohashi's dominance has waned a little over the past few years, but still remains one of the guys to beat in this year's season. Ohashi was your typical Japanese pilot: rose through the ranks of AG racing through AG Systems, then granted a seat with the Japanese team for the tragic 2089 season. Despite a few bottom placings, Ohashi remained patient and eventually rose through the ranks to rival Qirex's heavy ships for a few years, eventually winning back to back championships in 2094 and '95. It was Ohashi that made AG Systems a serious contender in the F5000.

    AGE: 26
    NATIONALITY: Japanese
    ID: TAKA225.99.80.68

    If Ohashi was flying the flag for Japan & AG Systems, Kumiko Takahashi would easily be his successor. The talented pilot from Hokkaido was one of AG Systems' best test pilots, comparable to that of the late John Dekka. She was a bit hesitant at first to take up a full time seat in the championship, but she was more than happy to work with Ohashi whom she had idolised from the side. In response, Ohashi was more than happy to be her mentor. With this huge potential and one of the best mentors you can ask for, Takahashi has grown a lot over her three years of competition, and has already been tipped to take out this year's championship.

    --TIM ABASI--
    AGE: 28
    ID: ABAS285.52.30.46

    FEISAR weren't the first team to go to Africa to scout new talent. AG Systems just pipped them to the post and managed to find Tim Abasi in the plains of Kenya. Although it was a risky decision to put someone with virtually no experience with any AG racer into a professional seat, AG Systems withheld Abasi for a few years to train him up. When he first appeared on the circuit in 2094, he had some trouble with the pace of the seasoned pilots, but scored some respectable finishes in the next season. Whether a "good-idea-at-the-time" flop or a promising prodigy, only time would tell.


    AGE: 32
    ID: LOEW374.2.1.53

    This German is a legend on the circuit! Blitzing last year's championship, there seems to be little that can stop this hotshot. Descended from some famous German Formula One drivers, it was almost certain that Loewe will rise to racing greatness. He wasn't to disappoint, as he dominated FEISAR's pilot's development program before being promoted, at the last minute, to a League seat after Xavier Wilson's fatal elimination in 2091. Over the next two years, Loewe would constantly give the leaders a considerable threat as he claimed fourth behind Qirex's dominance and AG Systems' Saburo Ohashi. This success caught the eye of Auricom, who signed on Loewe for the 2094 season (replacing Jacob Van Vuuren). Loewe would battle against AG Systems to reach 3rd (2094), 2nd (2095) and finally his first championship in 2096, defeating Kumiko Takahashi by 10 points.

    AGE: 26
    NATIONALITY: Swedish
    ID: ALEX337.1.6.72

    A quiet pilot, Alex Alexandersson has always been a consistant pilot, gleaming with lots of natural talent. She was quite an unknown pilot during her first season in 2091, but has come quite a long way to become last year's third placed pilot. She also has a strong relationship with her teammate, Sebastian Loewe, since her first season (Loewe was with FEISAR). This has led datacast companies to suggest a more intimate affair between the two. This particuarly irritated Alexandersson, who reportatedly punched a reporter after he kept pressing this issue during a private interview for American datacasts (Alexandersson was remorseful, of course).

    AGE: 32
    NATIONALITY: Spanish
    ID: PERE340.5.4.72

    Although Andrea Perez is one the most experienced of all the current lineup, she is still one of the least competitive pilots as well, failing to score a single point in her entire career. Rather, she is a well-experienced test pilot, associating herself with FEISAR for 15 years (through the pilot's development program and racing in the Venom/Rapier Leagues) before moving to Auricom. When Auricom became really dominant during the mid 2090s, their craft development really took a step up. Part of this was the luring of Perez to Auricom to give her opinion on the new craft as well as support the team's on-track success where she can. She is expected to become a leading developmental advisor with Auricom once she retires.


    AGE: 36
    NATIONALITY: Russian
    ID: TUCH497.7.2.3468

    The most experienced pilot in the field, Vladimir Tuchyon first associated himself with Qirex since the League was upgraded to F5000 specification. He was also one of the most agressive in the sports history, with a number of controversies and eliminations to his name. One such event was during the 2089 season, where Tuchyon was charged with a suspended ban after blocking FEISAR pilot Xavier Wilson from passing, almost causing an elimination. However, this did not stop him to become world champion in 2091 (Qirex' clean sweep) and 2092 (despite protests from Auricom and AG Systems).

    --ANDREW ZAO--
    AGE: Unknown
    NATIONALITY: Hong Konger
    ID: ZAOX469.1.9.4778

    Not too much in known about Andrew Zao, despite his Hong Kong origins. Zao is a secretive pilot, prefering to focus on the race and shun almost all exposure. This worked in his favour as he rose up to become the 2093 champion. There had been many theories about his background and intentions, one in particular stated he was actually a Chinese spy, testing the waters for the new Piranha team entering in this year's League. Zao has so far denied such allogations.

    AGE: 24
    NATIONALITY: Russian
    ID: RYKO465.7.6.2569

    Daughter of three-time F3600 champion Konstantin Rykov, Alisa Rykov is considered to be a future champion for her skill as well as her lineage. Konstantin introduced Alisa to AG racing when she was a little girl and raised her as a formidable pilot after he retired from competition in 2082. Although Konstantin managed to get Alisa to associate with Qirex, it was her skill alone that led to her to becoming one of their main pilots: a feat few Qirex pilots have done. Furthermore, she was able to score her first F5000 points in her first season. Apart from the AG Systems-Auricom battles at front, she is the starlet to watch.


    --GUO MING--
    AGE: 25
    NATIONALITY: Chinese
    ID: GUOX558.22.75.88

    Guo Ming is the 'golden child' of both Piranha and the People's Republic of China. Guo is the product of Piranha's pilot development program and worked very closely with Piranha's P-666 v.Prototype. Piranha claimes that this association with the prototype craft can create the optimum pilot-craft connection that would bring out both the pilot's and the ship's potential. However, most of the information of Guo's background have been supplied by Piranha and certain facts have been undisclosed by Chinese Anti-Gravity Federation (CAGF). For example, official sources claim that Guo had an unconditional love for the sport since he was very young and had "valiantly fought through the ranks to be the perfect pilot for the team's perfect ship". Therefore, the overall image of Guo as the 'ultimate pilot' is sceptical.

    AGE: 26
    NATIONALITY: British
    ID: CLAY505.59.13.37

    Although quite unheard of in the big leagues of AG racing, Henry Claydon was an expensive, and unusual, signing. Claydon has always been associated with the sport, achieving back-to-back championships in the European League and had tested for FEISAR on a number of occasions, but was never cosidered by any of the major teams. It was quite a surprise to see Claydon pilot the second of Piranha's ships, but however has shown a substantial improvement in his skill in his practice runs with the team and can possibly give lead pilot Guo Ming the backup he needs to cement Piranha as a threat to the competition. There has rumoured to be pleanty of cursing by the main teams regretting they ever overlooked the now-strong Brit.

    AGE: 20
    NATIONALITY: Brazilian
    ID: RIBE5873.80.96.46

    As most AG race fans know, Piranha was originally a Brazilian company under the name Pir-Hana. When the company moved to China during the 2050s, there was a clause in the contract which made sure that some operations will remain in Brazil and must co-operate with a Brazilian correspondant. In essence, this was to keep the team partially Brazilian. When Piranha were choosing their pilots for the F5000, Brazil requested that one of the main pilots was a Brazilian. After months of trials and selection, they eventually chose Sao Paulo native, Luís Ribeiro. Ribeiro was a cadet pilot in the Brazilian Air Force and had been a test pilot of their AG development program. Therefore, he was quite knowlegable in the inner working of AG technnology. Although he seems to be quite talented with a normal AG craft, ther had been doubts that this can be reflected in Piranha's monstrous prototype. Rumour has it that if it wasn't for the clause, Piranha wouldn't have gone anywhere near South America for a pilot.
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