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    Default Wipeout Chronicles

    At the moment, I'm writing up a sort-of fanfic/histories of all the Wipeout backstory called the Wipeout Chronicles. Although it's similar to what Challenger #001 has done with team backstories, this is a 'full' history: all pilots, all events and the small widgets inbetween.

    To make this more authentic to the games, I'm writing the fanfic as I buy/play all the games in the series (with some little deviations from time-to-time).

    Full Champions Roll
    World Records

    AGRC Results*
    F3600 Results
    F5000 Results
    F7200 Results
    F9000 Results
    FX300 Results
    FX350 Results (up to 2214)
    FX400 Results (up to 2214)
    *Letter in brackets signifies ship class not racing in that event

    If anyone has any issues, or would like to see particular stuff, just post below and I can get to it when I can.


    Now on!

    Here are links to stories that I've already done:

    2214 Pilots
    2214 Review - Pt.1
    2214 Review - Pt.2

    EG-X Technologies

    Kel Solaar
    Amara Beshir & Assegai Developments
    Pilots of the 2097 AG Racing League
    Wolfgang Van-Über

    Famous Rivalries:
    Famous Rivalries - Nobuyuki Sato v. Konstantin Rykov
    Famous Rivalries - The Tetsuo Twins: Arial and Arian

    NEW:2215 Modesto Heights Disaster (+ video)
    NEW:2213-14 Turbo Accidents - Jokela & Morelli
    2213 Review
    2058 - The Drawn Year
    The Classic Leagues
    2137 P-Mar Brawl
    2164 Temtesh Bay Disaster
    PUMA Delta Leagues
    F9000 Pt. 1
    F9000 Pt. 2
    F9000 Pt. 3

    Origins of Dual-Hulled AG Craft
    AG Technology

    AG Press:
    2214-04-08 Mirage not to race at Moa Therma; Financial Issues
    2214-06-08 Data Lost from AG Systems' Systems
    2214-06-09 Morelli Out due to Neck Injury
    2214-06-22 Clara Mandel to Replace Morelli at Tech De Ra
    2214-07-18 Bergamisto Signs with Qirex
    2214-10-03 Morelli In, Colonomos Out
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