Since I'm not ready to post the full fan fictions, I'd as well post nuggets of the scenes that may happen in a universe and trans-universe.

(Wow. I don't know what to write. This thread on another forum had some short conversation going on as the story. This is what I can think of as of time of posting.)

Practice Session 1

Pilot:What the...
Mechanic:What's wrong?
Pilot:The airbrakes! They just don't work!
Mechanic:Airbrake buttons don't work?!
Pilot:They don't!
Mechanic:Running Diagnostics!
Pilot:Better be quick! Hairpin's coming up!
Mechanic:Let off the accelerator and use the turning force to slow down!
Pilot:Bracing for impact!
(The ship's nose scrapes the wall)
Mechanic:Hang in there!
(The ship stops scraping the wall and recovers)
Pilot: (panting)
Mechanic:Return to the pits. Someone glued the airbrakes shut.