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Thread: Can't patch

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    Default Can't patch

    When I try to fire up Wipeout HD (which I haven't done for a long time now), it wants to install version 2.5. I click yes, get a Please Wait... screen and then my PS3 resets itself.

    What's happening!?

    Anyone seen this before?

    Luckily I can still play offline without installing the patch.

    Edit: Holy 60fps batman. After a lot of 2048 I had forgotten how sexily smooth this game was.
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    I'd not be able to yield an accurate diagnostic, but I hope I can help.

    First of all, reboot your PS3 and try to download the patch. If it fails, then go to Network settings and reconfigure the settings you put, and then run a test.

    Since five days had elapsed, you may download successfully the patch if you still want it.

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    I think there might have been PSN problems on the day that I tried this, so I'll give it another try later tonight and see if I can patch!

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