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Thread: Wipeout HD Fury - OMNIUM Tournament

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    Default Wipeout HD Fury - OMNIUM Tournament

    Wipeout HD Fury - OMNIUM Tournament
    January 2013

    The Omnium Tournament incorporates all game modes within Wipeout HD Fury, and will run throughout January 2013. The tournament is open to everyone, regardless of ability, and uses both online and offline competition with flexible timings to allow everyone to compete.
    There will be 7 rounds of events, spanning four days during the week in the case of offline modes and over the weekends for online modes. All players finishing in the top three of their groups will advance to a final round at the end of the month.

    NB: Please be aware that you will require the PS3 version to compete

    Players highlighted in red are event managers

    bpinflag onlykpop Vlizertron Rapier_Racer Meesiash Feydius novide Ace3000_42
    cam-let Lightbuster88 EvanSauce INNERVISION_241 fab0810 UB3R-BR3NDAGE Colonel__Gaddaffi theconzio
    ADBwh1t34ndn3rdy Pharron66 a-m-j-w Pandiloco juanblaze209 Mikahail Liger-Inuzuka blackwiggle
    kiTTun XxSuperRyugaxX stin_wz Knux_Chaotix hoooof SnipersBlade MightyJordan CJ4717
    Defjukie16 KloakinDevice Ragsus_Maxima SoA_Booney JFthebestJan Hellfire_WZ Azurooth Lazer0pz
    vlhad13 LJtheZombie andybob35 Gekko_P TarquinFarquar scarfrogers firefang9212
    jorg_garcia78 morfeo378 Dark_Phantom_89 Liod19 ericd7m DuCkyLAT
    mechaSHEEN greenymac TERRA-WRISTS


    LJtheZombie onlykpop morfeo378
    andybob35 Dark_Phantom_89 Ragsus_Maxima
    SoA_Booney Liod19 Rapier_Racer
    JFthebestJan Meesiash TarquinFarquar
    ericd7m Hellfire_WZ UB3R-BR3NDAGE
    Colonel__Gaddafi novide Azurooth
    theconzio blackwiggle Ace3000_42
    bpinflag DefJukie16 kiTTun


    All offline game modes will be played over a window spanning four days. Competitors will have this allocated time to race on each track to gain as high a score/zone or as low a time as possible. In order to submit a time for competition, competitors must provide a screenshot of the post race statistics or a link to a video of the run (again, including the post-race statistics). Please note in the case of videos that the video must be available for viewing BEFORE the end of the window, or it will not count, so uploaders must account for upload time. In order to encourage fair competition and also to make sure Im not snowed under with organising all this, each competitor will only be allowed to submit a single entry per track. Once this has been submitted, it CANNOT be revoked so be careful before hitting send. You can send all your entries at once or in however many batches you like.

    Please keep your times and scores private until the window closes, this provides an extra sense of strategy as to whether to submit a score or not if you dont know what your opponents have. If you choose to upload a video, please set it to "Unlisted" and send me or an event manager the link. You can make it public once the window has expired. Anyone who does not submit an entry for a track within the window will score zero for that track. Entries for each offline stage MUST have been achieved inside the window anyone found cheating by entering times and scores obtained outside this window will be disqualified from the whole tournament. And of course, all entries must be achieved using v2.51 of the game.


    The online segments of the tournament will take place on weekends to allow for the best possible opportunity for everyone to be available. The standard advised time reserved for competition to begin will be 8pm GMT on the Saturday of each weekend. This is flexible as long as your group can agree on an alternative. In extreme circumstances I will allow online events to take place outside the window, but please complete them ASAP to allow for scores to be collated. Your group must agree on a host in advance to set up the lobby and invite players, and they may also set up a chat room if they wish. Results of each individual race must be recorded so that the total can be added up at the end of each stage. Once the tournament has finished, final scores must be submitted so they can be added to the results table.

    Where applicable, the following general rules must apply for online competition

    • Barrel rolls must be ON
    • Weapons must be ON
    • Pilot Assist must be ALLOWED
    • Weapon Hints must be OFF
    • Laps must be set to the default for each speed class


    Its probably inevitable that somewhere along the line, someone is going to lose their connection and drop out of a game. To keep things fair, were going to enforce the same rules regarding disconnections as we had during the Rebirth tournament:

    • If someone drops out of a game while still in the lobby, the host must enter the settings menu to disable the countdown timer and wait for the player to reconnect. They will then need to issue a fresh invite. Continue as normal
    • If a player disconnects while in game, but before the countdown at the start of a race has completed, all players must disconnect immediately. The host will then need to set up a fresh lobby and reinvite all players, resuming the tournament from the same race. This is why it is important to record positions after every race during a tournament. The same is true if a player drops at the end of a race after all players have finished
    • If a player disconnects DURING a race, unfortunately they will score zero for that race. The other players must finish the race and allow enough time for results to be recorded, then they must disconnect and the host should set the race up again as above.

    It is not beneficial to any player to deliberately disconnect, but if you find that you are having major connection issues, it would be sporting of you to withdraw from the round. Especially if it may cause problems for the other members of your group.


    Scoring will vary from event to event, but the arrangement of points earned for position will remain the same throughout the tournament. The term normal ranking points will be used to refer to the standard allocation of points for position at the end of a race. That is:

    • 1st 8 points
    • 2nd 6 points
    • 3rd 5 points
    • 4th 4 points
    • 5th 3 points
    • 6th 2 points
    • 7th 1 points
    • 8th or DNF 0 points

    Points will either be awarded for ranking at the end of an individual race, or at the end of a block of races. I will go into more detail on this in the events description.


    Before the tournament starts, I will organise a team of event managers who will help me collate the results from each round. Results will need to be sent either to me or to one of the event managers. The type of submission required will be detailed in the Events section for each individual event. For offline events, you will need to send your submissions to me or the event managers personally as a PM on WipeoutZone, either in one batch or spread out how you like. For online game modes, only the final ranking for each block of races will be needed. It is advisable during online game modes to have more than one person recording results in case one of them disconnects.

    Events Schedule

    Please note - the deadline for the Finals has been changed to Sunday 3rd February

    The schedule above shows the windows over which each round will take place. For offline game modes, they represent the time allowed to achieve your best results and to submit them. For online game modes, they represent the time allowed to organise and complete your event with your group. As it will be difficult to allocate a strict opening and closing time for each window because of time zones, I will determine this at a later date.

    Tracks will be revealed for each round when the window opens. This is to allow everyone a fair stab at each event.


    The Finals will consist of a mixed series of events containing all game modes. They will feature various speed classes, Zone targets and score targets, and will be both online and offline. There is a five day window in which your group will need to complete all their events, and they may be completed in any order at any time. Each group will have an event manager - Hellfire_WZ will manage the Gold and Bronze finals while Colonel will manage the Silver final. Submission of scores and race results will be done in the same way as the original events.

    The tracks and game modes for the Final are as follows, along with how each event will be ranked.


    Normal ranking points for position

    The Amphiseum Reverse - Venom
    Sol 2 - Venom
    Tech De Ra Reverse - Flash
    Vineta K - Flash
    Ubermall Reverse - Rapier
    Talon's Junction - Rapier
    Modesto Heights Reverse - Phantom
    Sebenco Climb - Phantom

    Normal ranking points for position

    Tech De Ra Reverse - Venom
    Metropia - Venom
    The Amphiseum Reverse - Flash
    Chenghou Project - Flash
    Anulpha Pass Reverse - Rapier
    Sol 2 - Rapier
    Talon's Junction Reverse - Phantom
    Moa Therma - Phantom

    Normal ranking points for position

    Sebenco Climb Reverse - 30
    Chenghou Project - 35
    Sol 2 Reverse - 40
    Metropia - 45
    Moa Therma Reverse - 50
    Corridon 12 - 55

    Ranked on the sum of all lap times set

    The Amphiseum Reverse - Venom
    Modesto Heights - Flash
    Chenghou Project - Rapier
    Sol 2 - Phantom

    Ranked on the sum of all race times set

    Ubermall - Venom
    Tech De Ra Reverse - Flash
    Vineta K - Rapier
    Modesto Heights Reverse - Phantom

    Ranked on the sum of all Zones reached

    Metropia Reverse
    Tech De Ra
    Sebenco Climb

    Ranked on the sum of all scores set

    Moa Therma Reverse
    Chenghou Project
    Talon's Junction

    Normal ranking points are awarded for position at the end of each of the seven rounds, so the final will be judged over a total of 56 available points. All results must be submitted to the event manager for your group by midnight on Sunday 3rd February. The winners will be announced the following day


    The full results for the group stages and finals are attached below

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    I won't miss it this time. Meanwhile, I have time to make myself comfortable with online races. I know you'll kick my a** badly, but it will be fun.

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    I am putting in the time! All about practise. Get those BRs rolling

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    I'll try to make it this time aswell!

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    I'll have to see what the format is before committing, but will enjoy taking part if time allows, despite not having a clue with anything other than Phantom racing.

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    this sounds very ambitious.

    kind of a 'wipEout HD Cup 2.0 Extreme Extended Edition'
    im in

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    I think it's an amazing idea and I can't wait. I've no doubt whatsoever this will be massive.

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    sayyyyyyy whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Sweet. Any early details on how we'll submit TT and SL times? Would there be a number of attempts per track or a timeframe to set our best?

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    I know we are the current bastion [From Sony's perspective ] of all things WIPEOUT.
    Otherwise these upcoming comp alert would not be being posted here.

    But, as I am not following Facebook or Twitter, so I might seem slightly out of the loop, I find it rather strange that all other regions / Languages and forums [ as far as I know] are not getting the same attention as the Wipeoutzone.

    This seems rather strange, since as all long term pilots know this is not just a game just for the English speaking, many a friend of many a pilot at this forum would not speak the same language yet we still are on each others friends list and race against each other regularly .

    I don't see this being catered for Big Picture wise

    A lot of Wipeout tragics don't know about the Wipeoutzone.... or even if they do, they might not like trying to work out what is being said in English via Babelfish or whatever software people try to sort these things out with if Japanese / Italian / Portuguese / Korean etc is not their native tongue.

    That's a LOT of Pilots left out of the loop.

    Has AMI posted the same at Wipeout Arena?
    I haven't checked, but it would be a HUGE slight, and very remiss if this video has not had a French equivalent made, and posted at Wipeout Arena .. I mean How many French are amoung the elite Phantom pilots, and how hard would it be to cater for them since they are a major part of Wipeout's fan base.

    Just curious.
    I love this game and want to see it stay alive, and if I think something could be done a bit better, or that some opportunity has been missed, well as a long term fan, and for that matter a long term Wipeoutzone forum member, I feel a duty to bring these matters up.

    That's all.

    Why if this is a Sony lead comp, anything being posted at the official Sony PlayStation Forums?

    Actually: If Sony has given the position to AMI to be the spokesperson for Wipeout HD/FURY/2048, and that Wipeout is Sony owned, she should be able to utilize all of the "Official Sony PlayStation Forums amenities "
    Those being "Global Translation" and posting at official Sony PlayStation forums.

    Go GIRL!!!
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    It's not an official Sony tournament, it's all being organised by me. It's all in its infancy at the moment, I only really got the general idea for something like this fairly recently. The reason why it is here instead of the Arena is because I am aiming for it to be advertised across all channels once it has all been finalised, with Ami helping to do so. Funny enough I was talking to Ami only last week about involving Wipeout Arena more in our upcoming large scale events, but as you say the issue is likely to be the language barrier. This is where we're gonna need help to spread the word of events like this if there are people on this forum who are more suited to communicate where we can't.
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