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Thread: Corebreach - a wipeout clone

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    Arrow Corebreach - a wipeout clone

    Hey everyone
    I post created this thread concerning this:

    This game is probably the most wipeout-like game I've ever seen
    well, literally "seen", because my PC is just too old to run it...
    Can someone of you maybe try the demo (yes demo, it is apparently not a free game ) out and tell us a bit more about it?

    This is what the website has to say:
    CoreBreach is THE brand-new futuristic "anti-gravity" racing game with combat-based gameplay.

    Features include:
    •6 exciting anti-gravity racing ships from easily agile to ultra-fast
    •6 beautiful, detailed and futuristic race tracks of varying difficulty
    •6 different combat weapons incl. the deadly „Zeus Plasma Cannon“
    •career mode with enthralling story-line
    •upgrade ships and weapons with your trophy money
    •unlock bonus tracks by accomplishing special objectives
    •split-screen multiplayer support
    •internet high-scores for global competition
    •time-attack mode for endless challenge
    •support for steering wheels and gamepads
    create new race tracks or play race tracks other users built

    CoreBreach is available NOW online
    for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.
    PS: the demo comes with all of the in-games soundtrack, supplied in just .ogg files! I must say that it is very good (It contains some good dance tracks).

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    Looks pretty nice, but the tracks are a bit poor. Nothing that won't be solved with a bit of modding...

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    I'll be happy to make some tracks for the game And my own team!

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    It says it's completely open source, yet, I don't see any way to actually get at the source code. That's annoying. Actually, it's offensive.

    Anyway, tried the demo. My laptop has an i7-3840qm, 680m and 32 gigs of RAM so it's more than capable of handling it. It ran consistently around 190-200 FPS.

    I've seen this sort of thing with other projects before; a studio goes out of business and someone else tries to recreate the game with an open-source design principle. This is what this is. It is unmistakably the result of a die-hard fan wanting more WipEout.

    It's hard to tell if that'll happen. The game is far from being finished. It looks like a prototype and has a few killer bugs. First and foremost, if you run out of health, you don't die. You can keep going without any penalties anywhere. Second, slowing down does not tighten your turn radius. There are turns that are simply impossible to take. Third, hitting a wall just bounces you off it. You don't loose speed, and it even points you in the right direction. You can just hold froward on some turns and it'll take care of everything for you.

    The tracks are freaking wide (More than twice as wide as 2048 in some cases), but you're moving at what would be Supersonic speeds (according to WipEout HD), so it evens out.

    The visuals... Aren't. It feels like someone took a Zone event and a race event from WipEout HD and tried to squish them together. It resulted in an utterly boring course. There isn't anything to look at. While I play WipEout HD in a race, my eyes are constantly distracted (even during Phantom-class races) looking at new stuff I never noticed, even after years of play. In Zone the same thing happens. In CoreBreach, there's none of that. Before I even finished a lap I was already bored of looking at everything.

    The menu system largely detracts from the game as well. In WipEout games, the menus feel like they're part of the game. You can stare at them all you want and not loose that gaming high. CoreBreach's external menu makes it impossible to keep things stitched together.

    So, here's my verdict: The game is absolutely, for sure, trying to be a clone of WipEout (for goodness sake, there's even a ship named "Black Piranha"!). I assume Sony owns the rights to the WipEout series since Liverpool closed down. If this is the case, I figure their lawyers are going to be all over this as soon as it looks more like a reasonable game. In fact, the developer may know this and may have stopped trying to improve it for that very reason. In either case, the game is definitely in its early stages and it'll be at least two or three years before it begins to look like something that might wind up costing more than $5 or $10. If the developers can find some better modelers and texture artists, and they stop trying to make it work on a dang cell phone, it'll probably look awesome five years down the line.

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