Oryx_Crake's original WZ Trophies thread is quite of dead,so I decided to keep on with the idea.Works the same way as the other one,post a proof you have done it,either a picture or a video.
NOTE: Suggestions are welcome,although I'm NOT going to update the list with trophies added on the original WZ Trophies,unless you suggest them in this thread.

Trophy list:

Obtain all WipEoutZone Trophies Nš2 trophies.

(B) Zen Cruising
Reach Zone 35 a Zone Session on Chenghou Project Forward.

(S) Subsonic Zooming
Reach Zone 50 on a Zone Session on Chenghou Project Forward.

(G) So this is what you look like...
Reach Zone 75 on a Zone Session on Chengou Project Forward.

(G) Own Zico
Equal or Beat the time of 28.82 on Anulpha Pass,Speed Lap mode,Venom in a Piranha

(G) Untouchable
Reach Zone 75 on any track on Zone Mode without crashing.

(S) Overkill
Get 650 points on an Online Eliminator match.

(S) I say the target around here!
Reach zone 60.0 on a Zone Battle event with at least 5 other players on it.

(G) I've had enough.
Get 5 or more quakes on a Single Race event with minimum lap settings.

(B) Thank you,cabbie!
Ride someone to the finish line.

(S) It's over 9000!!!
Accumulate 9001+ Tournament points.

(G) Survivor
Get to zone 90 on a Zone Session on Syncopia,while playing in Danger Mode (Barrel Roll whenever you can)

(G) Captain Pwnz0r
Eliminate 5 racers with a single weapon (Online or Offline)

(B) Reinforcements
Activate a shield then activate another shield before the first shield ends.

(S) Instant Revenge
Get eliminated and eliminate your killer before respawning.

Feel free to add suggestions!