I wish I had read this before.

A long time Wipeout fan (since 2097), I purchased HD as soon as it was released. For several reasons, I never obsessed myself with Trascendence until now, and I seriously started to work on Elite Campaign legend.

I was already struggling with the last Meltdown cells, getting used to Phantom class and honestly seeing improvement. I was getting close.

And last Friday...game data was corrupted. Just like that. No YLoD or anything happening to any other data.

Amidst tears, I've just started from scratch, after 3 years. Well, fortunately some of those hours did help me improve a bit, and within the hour, I had reached Head Rush with all gold medals on Elite. I expect it won't take ages to get to where I was before the loss of data.

Nevertheless, now I back up my data after each and every season. Just in case.