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  • Queen Bee can absorb after each lap

    4 80.00%
  • Missiles can be used

    1 20.00%
  • Less laps per game

    1 20.00%
  • Team Dragonfly can use ships freely

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  • Quakes can be used

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Thread: Queen Bee Mode

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    Lightbulb Queen Bee Mode

    I just had this idea: Queen Bee Mode on WipEout HD Online.

    Here's the deal:

    -Two Teams:Team Bee and Team Dragonfly
    -One player of Team Bee gets to be Queen Bee
    -Single race,10-20 laps in any track on any speed class
    -Queen Bee can only use Green and Blue weapons to protect from attacks or cause damage to Team Dragonfly.
    -Team Bee must escort the Queen Bee and protect it from attacks from Team Dragonfly
    -If the Queen Bee is eliminated,Team Dragonfly wins
    -If the Queen Bee finishes the race (No matter what position),Team Bee wins
    -Queen Bee can't absorb
    -Team Dragonfly can't use Missiles or Quakes
    -Queen Bee uses the Harimau Fury
    -Team Bee uses the Yellow Harimau skin,obtained with 4000 loyalty points)
    -Team Dragonfly uses any ship,but all of them must use the same one,HD Version only(example: All from Team Two uses Icaras
    -Queen Bee can use Pink weapons,as long as it doesn't hit anyone
    -Queen Bee must put the ship to COMPLETE STOP if he/she fires a Pink weapon and hits someone from Team Dragonfly
    -No matter how many time the Queen Bee stays on a complete stop,after it reaches 0km/h the player can start going again.

    If you have any suggestions,tell me,such as something that should stay or should go.

    Hope we can do a match with this mode soon enough
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