I've been planning on participating in this month's National Novel Writing Month, but now that it's two days in, I'm realising that I don't have a strong story. I planned to make a story based on the Wipeout Universe, something about a pilot in the early days of Wipeout, preferably based on the Wipeout 2048 timeline.

The problem I have, along with a few other Wipeout fans that I've noticed, is that according to the timeline of Wipeout and the history of AG racing, the only official racing started in 2050. I've read the character profiles and the basic history of the league in Pierre Belmondo's character profile, and I've made an attempt at finding out a few details through the Wikia Wiki. I am new to this, though, and despite a slight familiarity with the Universe, I need more details.

I don't really know what I'm asking, perhaps if starting the story at the dawn of the 2048 supposed "early races"(canonical or not?) is really a good idea? Is there more back story to work with in other eras? If so, could you point me in the right direction? In the WipeoutZone fiction section, there seems to be more material based in the early games(Wipeout, Wipeout XL/2097) than later on, but maybe I'm not seeing the big picture.

I was considering that my character could be participating in some very early pre-tournament games, before the official races in 2050, but if the stakes aren't high enough, will I have enough excitement to base my story upon? I could take the story right through from 2048 to the 2050s, or I could abandon entirely the early first races. What do you think my best bet would be?

It's probably very stupid of me to scramble at a story this late in the month, since I've already wasted over a day of writing, but any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. Prompt responses would be very appreciated.