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Thread: Tunnelling Temtesh - a WipEout themed Roleplay

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    It's interesting no-one has done a Xios character yet. Might as well make one.

    Henri Kinnunen managed to 'dig' his way into the mines from above. His training from the Finnish defence force did come in handy. Kinnunen had joined the new EG-X team after his military career had ended as an engineer and, on occasions, unnoficial test pilot. When the Finnish side of EG-X were curious about the neuro-link technology developed by their Chinese partners and believe that the old EG-R craft might have something to do with it.

    Kinnunen had done stealth operations before, so he never used his torch and used his PDA only when absolutely necessary. After about 30 minutes of walking, he felt a hole in the middle of the path...with sound coming out of it. Using the rope he had, he tied one end to a half-buried rock and started to abseil his way down.

    He didn't even get a few metres down before he heard voices from the tunnels above, and they sounded Australian.

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