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Thread: Tunnelling Temtesh - a WipEout themed Roleplay

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    Default Tunnelling Temtesh - a WipEout themed Roleplay

    Deep Below Temtesh Bay, the Dark Secrets of the F9000 lay in wait. Are you skilled enough to find just what happened thirty years ago?

    With the board becoming a little quiet of late, and the last RP thread not kicking off, I've decided to start a new one, and see how we take it. So I'll keep it as clean as I can with the rules. Anyone can post in, and you can play any character you like from the 'Factions' listed below.

    The Setup:
    It has been nearly thirty years since the devastating collapse of Temtesh Bay during the F9000 'Fusion' leagues that killed several pilots and trapped many ships. Now, research says that the mines are (mostly) safe to enter once again and the majority of teams with interest in the old leagues are back with different agendas. Unfortunately, the Temtesh Bay mines are property of Triakis Industries, and they're not happy about people sneaking about.

    How to Play:
    Your character has received instructions from high up in the company to either join an expedition or do some private reconnaissance into the Temtesh mines. You must attempt to achieve your goals set to you by your boss, and escape without alerting Triakis. Your objectives will depend on what faction you are working for:

    FEISAR - FEISAR's experimental rockets were the devices that brought the mine down. It is imperative that nobody else finds these rockets - find any active or inactive ones you can and get them out.
    Piranha - Myimna Tsarong's wingmate, Jann Shlaudecker was killed in the mine blast, and his body never recovered. It is your job to find Jann's body, or at the very least the remnants of his Swiftkiller Piranha
    Auricom - Something fishy went on with the cheapness of the mine fixings. Costs were cut and back alley deals kept this race active. Find evidence of this in the mine offices below the surface.
    Xios - eG-r blew their ships when they were trapped in the rubble to remove any evidence found later, but did they finish the job? Find any remnants of the eG-r craft and find out what they're doing on their half of the EG-X ship with this old technology if they kept it.

    You write out your posts indicating what your character is doing, attempting to navigate their way into the mines and complete their mission. Any time a skill check is needed (say you finish your post and get to a crumbling ladder and need to climb it/you need to stun a guard), make a note at the end of your post. I will roll a dice on my end from one to twenty to measure your character's success in the venture. Here's an example.

    Sampsa Kovalainen

    Sampsa dropped into a low crouch as he rolled out of the rusted ventilation shaft. It had been his best access point into the mines, a cut off section from Triakis' own circulation systems. He glanced to where he'd come out and cursed under his breath - he was on a high outcropping of rock with only a rope bridge leading to the other side. The years hadn't been kind, and he didn't fancy it looked too good.

    I will roll a D20. In the case of 10, Sampsa would get across fine, and the next post by Sampsa's player would indicate as much. If I got a 20, Sampsa leaps across the bridge with ease, and probably can pick up something useful at the other side, like a piece of rope. If I got a 5, the rope bridge snaps and Sampsa would have to either lower himself down or climb up it or take another route. On a roll of a 1, the bridge snaps and Sampsa falls to his doom, and he's gone from the play.

    All characters enter the game wearing whatever you would consider 'standard' tunnelling or mountaineering wear in the colour of their faction, and carrying a stun baton and a PDA with which to review their objectives (AND NOTHING ELSE). Extra equipment will be doled out in the RP. Indicate what affiliation your character has (Xios, FEISAR, Piranha or Auricom) with the colour of their name at the top of your post. (See mine for example - Xios character.) Your post should ideally take up five lines and have good grammar and punctuation.

    I will take the role of DM, and any Triakis members down in the mines. All Triakis guards have a stun baton and a PDA with which to call for help or alert if they discover someone on patrol. You can duel with a guard using a skill check, and I will give you the results of the duel in my response post.

    Unless anyone has any further questions... begin!
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    Ge Liang Zhu dropped down into the mine courtesy of a rusting ladder, a haunting reminder that the place had collapsed once before and was by no means a safe place, despite what Triakis Industries had said. Even if the mine was stable, Ge still knew the dangers of being caught by a guard patrol. Still, as Jann's close friend and team mate, as well as being the son of one of the older mechanics for the once-Chinese company, he was prepared to take that risk if it meant recovering his body and what remained of the Swiftkiller ship, which was valuable to Piranha as it contained technologies which were lost when the company suffered hugely after the fall of the F9000. It also wouldn't do to have Piranha's secret ship designs fall into rival hands... Ge stopped pondering and swore. There was torchlight up ahead and there were no spaces to hide. Assuming his best innocent lost face, he prepared to face the person who would soon come into view.


    OOC: I hope everything's ok so far, I don't know the history of the leagues that well...
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    (Looking good, TR. Piranha was Chinese a long time ago, so probably great-grandson or grandson rather than son, but good going.)

    [Skillcheck - 18]

    "Anything?" asked one slightly muffled voice through its' rebreather. A muffled curse came from a deeper voice, and Ge would get his first look at the men and women Triakis had sent down. Both the searchers were dressed in slightly baggy orange clothing, bright and obvious to their colleagues in these dark mines. A small triangular badge was sewn onto the various pockets the two guards wore, though they only carried torches and stun batons. The grenade bandoliers and holsters for weapons were empty.

    "I told you this is a waste of time," snapped the big man, turning his flashlight off and hastily trying to stuff it into his belt. "Nobody's fool enough to come down here," he muttered. His female colleague made a disgusted sound through her rebreather but seemed to assent. She flipped open her PDA and keyed open a link to the surface.

    "Hobbs and Ervine. No activity reported in this sector. Over." The two Triakis members strode away into the distance, leaving Hobbs' flashlight lying on the ground where it had slipped off his belt.

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    Ge breathed a sigh of relief he didn't know he was holding. That was too close. Good thing that the guards just didn't believe anyone was thick enough to come down here. But Ge had an agenda, so...
    He moved further into the facility, looking out for the telltale orange uniforms. Well at least that bit was easy enough, wearing orange, the Triakis guards stood out like a sore thumb, he on the other hand, was dressed in black combat gear from head to toe, with the red and yellow Piranha insignia on the left breast pocket. He hadn't come unarmed either: he had a short sword if he needed it, passed down through the generations of his family, although he hoped it wouldn't come to that. Ducking away from yet another orange patrol, he went further.
    'Wait, hang on, wasn't I here just a few minutes ago...? Damn, don't tell me I'm lost...'
    Ge checked his electronic map, only to find no signal on it whatsoever. Suddenly he saw movement in a tunnel to his right, but it wasn't orange...
    'Was that a FEISAR logo I just saw...?!'
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    Ben Denso Looks around "Where are these damned rockets..." . He hits away the various Boulder fragments around him and finds a ledge to sit on, he takes out his phone and dials a number...

    "Maria? Hi, Any Luck? ....You've found one? Good, good. Watch out though, Ive been tracking some foreign transmissions from other teams. I've encrypted my signal, you might do well to do the same. ...Bye." *CLICK*

    He keeps walking and comes across a shattered piece of ship.

    "Uh-oh, this is bad..."
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    Don Work walked with a controlled breathing rhythm. He was only ten when he saw the Temtesh Bay Disaster. What haunted him was that Auricom had a close shave with that,and the withdrawal from the F9000 was actually a happy event for him. He sighed at that thought,then opened up the PDA,and went to an applet with the word "OBJECTIVES".

    -Locate underground offices of the defunct F9000/Overtel
    -Gather Evidence from the offices.

    He went through his memory,trying to recall what he saw on Seconds From Disaster,or at least what he thought he saw. Given the severity of the collapse,the offices could have been destroyed. However,the possibility and probability of the offices being supported with seemingly-indestructible support pillars,and thus the offices surviving the collapse,was also there.

    As he walked,he saw a red piece of metal,or at least still having some red on it,with an "R",but it was not preceeded by an "I",it was preceeded by a "-(dash)"

    Then,he heard footsteps getting closer...and given the slightly muffled sounds,they were Australian..


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