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    Default The WZ Trophies

    Since most of us who are still active on HD have already attained transcendence this is a list(that will grow so please post suggestions) of Small challenges like trophies on psn that we ourselves come up with.

    Here are the rules:

    in order to qualify for a trophy you will have to be able to prove that you have in fact performed the task, either by video taping the doing of said task or by picture evidence that you have completed the task.

    So to start things off

    Trophy list:

    Rolling with Badtester
    Perform 5 barrel rolls in one speed lap on Modesto heights forward at phantom speed class and get a time below 25.00 seconds.

    What happened to you guys?
    Lap the complete field in one 8 player online Rapier race.

    Scared of heights
    Win a Phantom race by 5 sec or more on Anulpha Pass Forward without using the overpass at all.

    ARAGHH! No Brakes
    Win a Flash race on Sol 2 using Feisar and without using your air brakes.

    I'm walking backwards for Xmas
    Win a race against at least 2 other people, on moa therma- Venom speed- using reverse view for the entire race.

    Welcome to Australia
    Win any race, any track, any speed while holding your controller upside down. [You can do a variation on this, just lay on your couch with your head where your feet should be and race so the screen appears upside down.

    Cool as a cucumber
    win a phantom race on Sebenco climb against the Elite AI with a glass of water balanced on your head and not getting wet.

    Close To The Sun
    Single Race, Icaras ship, Elite, Phantom, Chenghou Project, Weapons On. Finish 1st without absorbing.

    Cold War
    Flying either a Qirex or Auricom, complete a race within 0.2 seconds of the other ship.

    Win a race by 5 seconds having used only blue weapons.

    Daedalaus Told You So...
    Fly into the reactor core at Talon's Junction in an Icaras

    Do Take Care Of It
    Complete a 5-lap Phantom race in a silver Piranha without losing any shield energy at all

    As good as new
    Complete a 5-lap Online Phantom race in a silver Piranha without losing any shield energy at all

    In a single race event, use every single weapon type while flying a Mirage

    Drunken Master
    Beat Zico while you drink 1 tequila shot during the lap (1 tequila/whiskey/vodka/hard liqour shot per lap of trying)

    HUGE Gamble(AKA Edge of Glory)
    Beat 24:43,using ONLY the FEISAR HD(may be changed to allow BOTH) in the Amphiseum Reverse on Phantom Class(Shortcut allowed)

    True Glory
    Beat Edge of Glory("Episode") with Edge of Glory playing(video proof needed)

    Rubik's Controller
    Get a friend to randomly remap the game controls without you knowing what they are, then hand you the controller just as you start a 4 race online phantom tournament

    Coup d'état
    Gain first place by eliminating the current 1st instead of overtaking

    Stop Motion
    Come to a complete stop at the starting grid on each lap before crossing the start line into a new lap and win.

    Eliminate yourself by turboing anywhere on Sol 2.

    Racing Purist
    Win an online 5 lap phantom race with weapons turned on without using or absorbing any pick ups

    Talons of Steel
    Get a perfect lap at Talon's Junction on Zone mode, at Super Phantom.

    Steven Seagal
    Win an online 8 player Eliminator without being killed.

    We have lift off!
    Execute successful barrel rolls on Zone Mode at Ubermall, Sebenco Climb Reverse and Vineta K Reverse.

    Surviving the grid
    Win an online 8 player zone battle, target 55 without being killed.

    Keep 'em Coming
    Sebenco Climb, Phantom, Single Race, Perform 1 BR on the first lap, 2 BRs on the 2nd lap, 3 BRs on the 3rd lap, 4 BRs on the 4th lap and 5 BRs on the 5th lap, and win the race.

    Subtle Defusion
    Shoot a bomb out the way with a Plasma

    King of the Hill
    Reach zone 50 on sebenco climb forward.

    King of the Mountain
    Reach zone 70 on sebenco climb forward.

    I. Am. Jenson. Button.
    Win an online race having led no sector at all during the race save for the last.

    Now I am the Master, Old Man
    Beat Hellfire_WZ in a 1v1 event, or beat someone who already has this trophy.

    Zoned Out
    Reach Zone 25 on Syncopia while blindfolded.

    Achieved The Impossible
    Complete a Rapier Speed Lap on Vineta K Forward having performed at least four barrel rolls in the EG-X Fury

    Zone Valhalla
    In zone mode, reach zone 120 on any track

    Sir Spamalot
    In zone battle mode, reach zone 55.0 and win the race on any track. You must boost OR absorb the zone bar before it reaches 5 zones per boost.

    Zone Claude van Damme
    In zone battle mode score at least 5 eliminations in one match with 8 contenders.

    Bum Bum Boris
    In zone battle mode score at least 3 eliminations in one match with 8 contenders.

    In detonator mode, EAT at least 7 bombs in a single event on any track.

    the MACH is back
    In zone mode, reach at least zone 60 (mach 1) on every track.

    Taste Of Your Own Medicine
    Knock an AI ship off of the circuit on any track.

    Just Give It Up!
    Use one shield to protect yourself from three different weapons.

    Get hit by your own weapon.

    Eliminate two opponents with cannon fire in one race.

    Joe Satriani
    Win an Online race while playing with a Guitar Hero/Rock Band Guitar Controller

    Finish a 20 Lap Avalon Endurance at Talon's Junction Reverse, with weapons off.

    Collect all of the WZ trophies.
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