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    I was just thinking about this, but what happens when Wipeout HD is no longer supported online for multiplayer? There is NO option to play this game in multiplayer mode (don't tell me that crappy split screen is acceptable). Every wipeout game previous to this has an option, programmed by sony to play in Multiplayer mode. The older versions ALL have either split screen or link mode, and all play fine, AND wipeout pure and pulse both have Ad-hoc to play multiplayer in, not to mention it is actually better than online.

    Wipeout HD does not have any option besides online. There really should be a Lan option for this game, it certainly could not be that hard to put in, as far as time it would require to make the programming changes. I think it should be required, otherwise, say in 5 years, this game will be unplayable in multiplayer.

    Is anyone up for setting up, or signing a petition to SL to add this one small feature to Wipeout HD, to ensure it can be played well after ps3 is dead?

    On a side note, it would also play better

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    With the PS3 hacked to this extent, it probably wouldn't be too hard to emulate a server that you could set up and get friends to join.

    Obviously wouldn't be like multiplayer is now, although there could be one on a reduced scale if there was a permanent arrangement that had access details made public through something like this site.
    Not sure if times would be recorded or how that would work, though.

    But yeah - if Sony shut down the multiplayer servers, there is zero official method to play multiplayer other than the gimped split screen mode. I don't think it's likely that there will be any more updates to 'HD to include LAN, or anything else for that matter.

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    Wipeout is one of the free games to be given out once PSN comes back online so they'll probably be supporting it for quite a while longer. I highly doubt that there will be any more official updates to WipEout HD though no matter how trivial though.

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