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Thread: JX350 RP OOC (Out-of-character) chat and information

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    Default JX350 RP OOC (Out-of-character) chat and information

    Please Read This First

    Well first of all, another first-to-read - FEISAR is in charge of these threads and as such his rules for Role-Playing are law and must be followed as such. (

    Welcome to the first WipEout RPG I'm running with the blessing of MetaKraken and F.E.I.S.A.R. I've not had a huge amount of experience in this particular field, but I do confess to having run a Star Fox RPG back when I was a lot younger, so I have some experience with sci-fi settings, barrel rolls and female pilots in jumpsuits just a leeetle too tight for them. I've done more non fan-based ones since as well.

    The idea for this RP, if you didn't quite follow the introductory post, is that there will be a season run for junior pilots (age 16-25) alongside the FX500 (Fury) league using FX350 (HD)-ready ships from a number of manufacturers, some with a large presence in the FX500 and some as privateers using old chassis designs built up to legal specifics.

    I will take two characters in this play - one being a pilot and the other being Krystian Atkinson, the man organised by the AG-racing commission to organise the JX350, with the result that I will be making most of the announcements on the races - but if needed I can fill a slot for the pilots necessary as well.

    Given that there are people here of higher rank than me, all moderators can assume the role of any important member of the AG-racing commission as one of Krystian's superiors to tell him to please desist, or if I'm away for a long while, to take my role.

    Races can be organised either by simple 2d6 rolls over a common chat such as on the WipEout rankings site, or by actual races on the tracks in question. This will be limited to HD ships for those wishing to race, not negotiable. Certain ships or teams on the tracks will not be available as actual HD choices, so substitutes may be made. Custom teams (if you are making one) should indicate which ship chassis is being used. Note that for monetary reasons, Qirex and Icaras cannot issue their ships for private use.

    All pilot profiles must be posted here in the same form as my own. Doesn't need to be too long, but try and do at least two or three paragraphs. Also avoid making too 'perfect' a character in the form of a mary-sue. Make sure there's something not quite right about your character, that'd make him dislikeable.

    During the ongoing RP, I'd like to try and keep as much out-of-character chat to this thread as possible. Big questions about the plot should be here, though feel free to add clarifications to your post using the square brackets. []

    This isn't meant to be a one-liner RP, so do not post in stage directions form, particularly not with actions outlined with stars *indicates how so*. Please put your post into at least a good paragraph, with good spelling and grammar with some decent description. Don't feel you -have- to meet the previous poster's requirements, but if they're posting two paragraphs to your two lines each time, it may be worth having a re-think and trying harder.

    We need eight pilots to begin the RP at least. The more the merrier, of course. We can organise who goes into what event, but I'm thinking keep eight pilots to a series, which will keep it easier. Of course, there's bound to be some problems, so if the case is with difficulties connecting, take it to me or do 1-on-1s in the specified format, and record your times. Best time wins.

    *wipes brow* Ok, all that's over with. Now onto some profiles.


    Entry List

    Harimau Cadets:

    Van-Uber Racing:
    4] Mercutian De Gautet () (Challenger #001)

    FEISAR Study:
    8] Ben Denso () (UB3R~JKP)

    MAGEC (Mirage Junior Squad):
    13] Marek Al-Khal'ed () (MetaKraken)

    Xios (EG-X Junior Squad):
    14] Lucas Watt () (icarasDragon)

    ‘Boot Camp’ (Triakis Junior Squad):
    16] Adrianna Zachowitz () (MetaKraken)

    Friends in Speed (AG-Systems Junior Squad):
    17] Aimi Yoshiko () (Light Buster)
    18] Parker Boots () (AG-SYSTEMS)

    19] Vivianna Santina () (MetaKraken)

    Auricom Academy:

    ‘The Young Cubs’ (Assegai Junior Squad):


    Quantax Dynamics (Qirex Junior Squad):


    Amazon Fury (Unofficial Piranha Junior Squad):


    Horus Rising (Icaras Junior Squad):

    Goteki 35 (Goteki 45 Junior Squad):

    Tigron (Privateer):
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