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Thread: Harimau International Team Profile

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    Van-Über is named after the ex-FEISAR German pilot Wolfgang Van-Über who set up his own team to train new pilots after he fell out with FEISAR over their treatment of him and some of the other pilots.

    The Übermall is simply a play on 'Supermarkets' and 'Hypermarkets', with Über being a prefix in German meaning 'Above all else'. So Übermall simply means 'best market of all'.

    Trying to say that they both have a bit in their name that sounds like a coincidence is like saying that if John Rook Racing ever went to a racing circuit called Rook's Nest, he shouldn't be allowed because of the coincidence. It's just a common name or part of a name.


    As for the picture, I apologise to all SL people but I assume it's simply easier to put an FX350 sign there. Partly because they have all the materials there already but also because some people might get confused because they don't understand different leagues. Like say for example, you.

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    @Challenger:I was not expecting anything except for you to look at it.And I know the difference between the two leagues. The FX-350 is in a way a preview of the technology (and craft) that will be used in the FX-400.I've played Pulse before.Too bad the shortcut got inaccessible because of the ECS(Entertainment Confinement System)Cage..

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    Quote Originally Posted by F.E.I.S.A.R View Post
    MERGE:This thread is for (as the title suggests) discussion of Fan Fiction. If you have something to discuss about or comment to the author,please do so here.
    RPG Discussions would be done in their respective Sign-up threads.
    BTW,I started the thread,not Kyonshi
    Personally, I think that comments to the authors of Fan Fiction should remain in the thread in which they were created. It makes much more sense to complement Challenger on his excellent Harimau bio in the Harimau thread rather than here.
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    Not to mention it creates context for which to have a discussion with...

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    Twitchy, DP, I'm in agreement with you. I've moved my profiles to my blogspot account:

    Where you are all free to write whatever you want about my profiles, and critique them to your heart's content - which was kind of what I was hoping for.

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