Van-Über is named after the ex-FEISAR German pilot Wolfgang Van-Über who set up his own team to train new pilots after he fell out with FEISAR over their treatment of him and some of the other pilots.

The Übermall is simply a play on 'Supermarkets' and 'Hypermarkets', with Über being a prefix in German meaning 'Above all else'. So Übermall simply means 'best market of all'.

Trying to say that they both have a bit in their name that sounds like a coincidence is like saying that if John Rook Racing ever went to a racing circuit called Rook's Nest, he shouldn't be allowed because of the coincidence. It's just a common name or part of a name.


As for the picture, I apologise to all SL people but I assume it's simply easier to put an FX350 sign there. Partly because they have all the materials there already but also because some people might get confused because they don't understand different leagues. Like say for example, you.