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Thread: Rules for Fan Fiction (Wipeout-fanon related)

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    Default Rules for Fan Fiction (Wipeout-fanon related)

    Welcome to the Fan-Fiction and Role-Play Section!
    This section deals with the Fan Fiction part of this section

    Welcome to the Fan Fiction section of WipEoutZone Forum(s)!
    Basically, a Fan fiction is when you assume a profile of a fanon (or original) Wipeout team. This is also a tribute to the fan made Wipeout teams.

    When posting (starting a team profile):
    -Be creative. "Mary-sues" (if the fanon does not have any relations to the originals) are not allowed. Be sure to correct spelling errors and double-check for grammars if you happen to spot an error.
    -Swearing may be allowed, although stronger swearings must be censored.
    -Do not post the team profile if it has short detail, which is frowned upon if this was done

    When posting (ship details):
    -The ship must NOT have any relations to original Wipeout teams (unless if users suggests to do so)
    -Always check for spelling errors, as mentioned above (when starting a team profile)

    When posting (pilot details):
    -Up to 3 pilots on each of their own profiles can be added. Adding more than three pilots may be frowned upon (unless if one would suggest adding at LEAST one more pilot as a backup pilot, if neccesary).
    -Always be creative; no "mary-sue"-related details, or any other kind that's deemed uncreative (e.g. [fanon Wipeout team] rivaling the [original Wipeout team])

    I will update the rules accordingly as the section progresses.

    (Credits to Challenger #001 for his wonderful efforts as a writer in creating original Wipeout teams!)
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