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    Default Rules for Role-Play

    Welcome to the Fan-Fiction and Role-Play Section!
    This section deals with the Role-Play part of this section

    Welcome to the role-play(RP)section of WipEoutZone Forum(s)!
    Basically,a Role-Play is when you assume a role of a character,be it Original or from the video game itself.

    [Possible scenarios]
    Possible Scenario 1a:All RPs are set after each respective video game to make things canon. As such,the video game characters from that respective video game will make appearances.

    Possible Scenario 1b:The RP is set in one big universe and the video game characters will make an appearance.

    Possible Scenario 2:Some RPs are set in an Alternate Universe,so you may be original here.And by Original,I mean you can throw in non-WipEout elements like say,Call of Duty:Black Ops Zombies(just an example.)

    When Posting:
    -Make sure you are posting in the right RP.Posting in the wrong RP will cause confusion as there will be continuity errors.
    Example: I want to post in the RPing thread for say,FX-600 but I misclicked and entered the RPing thread for F-8000. If I have posted there it'll ruin the continuity of RP in that thread. So checking the thread to post in is a must!

    -Be respectful.Don't call others names except those they said you could call them by.

    -Post should stay within the boundaries of the thread's topic.Make it have some connection.When you are with other characters,they must be the same unless you meet up with other characters or they leave to go somewhere else. Do not just post randomly.

    -NO PUSHING for your pairing(Applies in WipEout 1 and Fusion RPs,if any).You can have slight parings here and there,but making it fixed is out of bounds and is not allowed.

    -Post can be either in first or third person.

    -Post can be in script form or paragraph form(like Fan Fiction)

    -No vulgarities/cussing.

    -Only the thread/Role-Play starter can start the Role-Play

    -NO godmodding/controlling (the characters of)others.To "godmod" means to control characters other than your own.So this rule means that you can only control your own character(unless the LAST rule is applied.Even if it is,it most likely will be the RP starter that will be 'godmodding')

    -You must have a name for your character.The name of the character need not be your name.

    -You may have a ship from a team in the WipEout Series.For example,you can use a FEISAR ship,but this is subject to RP-Starter.

    -Try to have as much background info as possible.

    -If age has to be mentioned,use your real age if you are Role-playing as yourself.This does not apply if you are not RPing as yourself.

    -Character cannot be a sibling of a character in the Video game(WipEout,WipEout Fusion) for continuity reasons.

    -Character can belong to a team,be it orginal or canon(except the Original WipEout and Fusion).*Subject to RP starter,see the rule below.

    -RP starter must specify if Original Teams are allowed or not allowed.If allowed,teams can be created.If so,please provide background info of the team!

    -Try to be as dramatic as possible(no exaggeration).

    -No unrealistic Races(A ship with Venom engine beating a ship with a Phantom engine).

    -Races can be done a few ways:
    1:RPs are large fan-fics written by a number of people.RPers can host a race between other RPers on PSN.After the race is done,write about it.
    3: Patterns like person 1 win,then person 3,person 2,person 4,and the cycle repeats.

    Making the RP tread:
    -when you make your RP thread, be sure to make one thread for character sign-ups and discussions, and one for the RP itself.

    Those are the rules if it isn't said otherwise.

    I'll update the rules accordingly as the section gets busier.
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