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Thread: Weird wipeout hd habits

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    -shout, or whisper if I think somebody may hear me swear words all the damn time...

    -If things are in deep heat I simply move my mouth a lot as if talking really fast, but not talking... Just another movement that helps rid of the stress... licking my teeth and/or lips, flicking my tongue in and out slightly... (It sounds weirder than it is, trust me...)

    -My usual main pose is elbows in inner thighs, and switching to forearms on knees when they get tired and vice versa leaning forward head first toward whatever screen I'm playing on...

    -tapping other buttons sometimes similar to the side-shift technique quite often sometimes even if it doesn't provide any real advantage to loosen up the finger and hand muscles/tendons...

    -Shake my wrist joints in between heated races during a break / shaking out my hands...

    -Saying "Eat my sh!t b!tc#" when laying a mine or bomb...
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