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Thread: (SSGX Origins) Let's make a Wipeout game! This time for real!

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    Wow, really like the ship designs!

    As for team logos, I would love to make some for you, together with fixed color palettes for the ship skins to have teams be recognizeable on the track. Do you have some sort of bio of the different teams? Same goes for the tracks - depending on how many there are, I could do something ranging from fully fledged logos to stylized icons. Probably the latter, seeing that there are 20+ tracks already in the game, right?

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    Here's backstory document for ssgx. It still needs some work (any comments or questions in the document are welcomed). There's 8 tracks. We may include more in the future but this is not planned atm.

    Making ship skins with the same color paletts as their team logos is a good idea imo (if that's what you meant).

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