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Thread: (SSGX Origins) Let's make a Wipeout game! This time for real!

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    Default (SSGX Origins) Let's make a Wipeout game! This time for real!

    Hi! I've been making my Atlantica track in 3D and I got really enthusiastic with the idea of making a new wipeout game, also about the FX150 league.
    I found some interesting software from Microsoft that is called XNA game studio that is free and you can find it here:
    And some pictures of an example of what the software can do:
    The only bad thing is that you have to have experience with Visual C#...
    But that is easy to learn too.

    So, if there are any programmers around the forum or if you know some who can help us, I thank you!
    We also need visuals and texture artists.
    I would also like some modelers to step foward and help making the craft models and tracks.

    I'm not aiming at something very complex, especially because I think we do not have a wipeout developer amongst us and we'll probably have to start from the begining, no weapons, just a improved version of WipEout from 1995... I'm seeing this more like a demonstration that we can show to the developers of wipeout and then, if they like it, we'll probably have an "all clear" to a new wipeout series!

    Oh I also found this:

    And here are the pics of Atlantica (still in development)
    (you can see the layout of the track and concept drawings in my albums)
    This one shows one of the huge problems with texturing turns.
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