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Thread: GREEN League : the bane of wipEout?

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    Default GREEN League : the bane of wipEout?

    Is the GREEN League a fair racing league? Not in my book!

    Any race where all weapons are absorbed except for the GREEN weapons (autopilot / turbo /shield) is unfair - because the there is no chance of slowing down the opposition, or getting shot/bombed - and a very minute chance of blowing up and an unfairly increased chance of getting much much better times (even record times)... This is not wipEout as it was intended and leads to comporomised leaderboards times... We all want more people to play wipEout right? well they'll just give up after a week when they realise that the top times were impossible to achieve and be put off from the game forever - I've had a few complaints about it myself!

    We've had problems on WZ before regarding unfairly achieved times, take the Pulse era when CFW and Jaytech were the bane of the format, everyone caused an uproar back then - I rememeber it clearly! This is no different - in fact it is worse, because it is not just an individual but an entire league of pilots who are involved.

    Did you guys not think that this GREEN league will lead to controversy?

    47 posts were deleted from a precious thread created by OBH, because they were deemed off topic by SaturnReturn.

    I invite you all here to express your opinions on the fairness of the GREEN league, what options we have to make it fair, etc...

    There's also a poll option, please use it!

    EDIT: I voted "make it 6 laps"
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