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Thread: What are your Top 3 favorite tracks and ships?

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    I'm still getting into HD fury as a whole...but so far my favorite circuit his Moa Therma, if only because I've been doing practice on taking on Rapier and Phantom and that is one among several practice tracks for that.

    In general though, I'm just taking the time to get used to every circuit and naturally some are difficult. Sebenco climb is an obvious alongside Chengu Project. But with any approach to a racing game, I just need to get used to them with any given craft at a speed.

    The only other favorite would be Vineta K as one other track I may practice and given it was on the Demo, why not.

    Far as ships go, again since it's all new to me, I'm learning to get acquainted with both the regular and Fury ships of so far every team. They all have pros and cons, and I think If given enough time I could be a dominant force in any given ship if given enough time...

    A ship I WANT to get good at is team Piranha be it the standard or Fury variants, it turns like a brick more so than (to me anyway) Triakis or Auricom, but it's got top speed, I feel if I can adapt and learn how to manuver with it on any circuit at any speed, I've got some honest mastery.

    Far as what I prefer, Auricom is choice number 1, followed by Assegai, Icaras, Harimau, and Mirage.

    Auricom given I have some remote national pride but also because of it's above average speed and shielding, with okay thrust. Assegai for it's handling and speed, and Icaras cause for me it's almost what I'd have for an AG team, although I'd compromise the handling in favor of shielding and a bit more thrust.

    Harimau cause it feels like a nice fit and Mirage is an 'all rounder' with the Fury being a slight aversion but none the less a jack of all stats machine. But again, we'll see as I keep at the game.

    Till then.

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    1. Ubermall Fwd/Rev - Yup, I love this track so much that every time I even launch the game, it's the first one I visit.

    2. Sol 2 Fwd - I love this track so much because of it's openness. With such tight turns and jumps at certain points, it's damn challenging to stay on track (pun intended) if you don't know the circuit well enough.

    3. Anulpha Pass Fwd/Rev - I simply love it because of its open track layout. I also love the whole aqua colour scheme and the amount of awesome looking sponsor ads, it gives it that futuristic feel.

    1. Icaras Fury - This is the freaking best ship I've ever come across. It's perfect in every way imo, well....except for the shield of course But hey, you don't need to worry about that because the CEO of Icaras said it himself; others have gotta catch us first!

    2. Goteki 45 Fury - Thanks for making me like heavy ships Hellfire It's a really good ship for practicing going around corners with that drifting/tail heavy motion. It's damn good practice if you wanna get better with lighter ships like Icaras.

    3. Qirex Fury - I love it's "grounded" handling feel, a little like FEISAR. And it's speed ain't too bad either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yeldar2097 View Post
    Only 3 ships I dislike using, starting with the most hateful:
    EG-X Fury
    Qirex Fury
    Assegai Fury
    @yeldar: why do you dislike the assegai fury?
    It's very simular with the furymau +5speed and -10thrust and a little heavier.

    I'm testing both on Vin K TT phantom, and can br easier with the assegai. and probably the thrust stat count more for me due the many little wall scrapes.
    But I can't imagine why you like the one and dislike the other.

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    I don't really go by numbers I go by feel. I don't know, I could never feel fully comfortable or confident when using the Assegai. That's not to say I wasn't fast, just felt like I had to focus a lot harder hitting the right lines. Something about the weight distribution, same with Qirex, they are similar in that regard. I feel much more at home with the HD versions of the two.

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    1/. Vineta fwd- first thing you ever come across, and always seems to me that I can go JUST a bit faster but never seem to nail it..
    2/. Chengou fwd - I've just moved to racing phantom and despite the reputation as a harder track I just like the flow, and the track surface just looks so meaty, metallic and serious..
    3/. Modesto fwd- again a harder track but it seems to respond to more brutal controller inputs, I love the tight double left at the start of the tunnel section..
    1/. Harimau hd- my craft of choice. I tend to like a craft for the appearance but as I've progressed I find it's very balanced but has the handling for faster classes.
    2/. Mirage hd- what I started with. Not knowing how the strengths of each team would work I went for the most average craft to start with and it taught me plenty, and again I like the weird look. A shot of this banked heavily into the first turn of sebenco has been my fb profile header for yonks.
    3/. Qirex hd. Not a craft I can handle properly on faster classes but it's just the look of the thing. To me the fury craft look too clean, I like tech and machines to look like they've been used for what they were designed for and the liveries of the hd qirex look like they have been through the wars. If I owned a porsche, I'd like it to look like I'd taken it for a few laps of the nurburgring...
    I've never been any good in any of the fury craft!

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    Metropia Rev - Love this Track!
    Chenghou Project Rev - If you get the turbos!
    Mallavol - Zon track, pure fun!



    Although my hdd crashed and it seems that my high scores are erased after trying that same track now.

    God, I'm rusty now.

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    TDR reverse with icaras. Compared to this all others can GO TO HELL!!!

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    even Modesto? BLASPHEMY!!!

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    Favorite Tracks:

    Metropia- This track is so much fun.
    Anulpha Pass- Fast, Easy, and great learning curve.
    The Amphiseum- Good track to master the airbrakes.

    Favorite Ships:

    Auricom Fury- Better handling and great speed.
    Qirex HD- Great all rounder.
    Harimau Fury- One of the best ships in the game IMHO.

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