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Thread: What are your Top 3 favorite tracks and ships?

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    My favorite teams are Feisar, Icaras and AG -Systems but as for the ships I always prefer the fury ships as I find them more comfortable to use
    My favorite tracks have to be Ubermall, Sebenco Climb and Tech De Ra

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    01 Vineta K Fwd/Rev (just love them both, I know)
    02 Sol 2 Rev
    03 The Amphiseum Rev

    01 AG-Systems Fury
    02 Feisar Fury
    03 Goteki 45 Fury

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    Chenghou F/R
    Ubermall R
    Sol 2 R or Metropia R not sure which

    Mirage HD 2nd skin
    EG-X HD 3rd skin
    MY Silver Furymau
    (SaturnReturn borrowed it once and scratched the paintwork I was pissed)

    On the flipside....

    The only 3 tracks I dislike:
    Talon's F/R
    Amphi F/R
    Tech de Ra R

    Only 3 ships I dislike using, starting with the most hateful:
    EG-X Fury
    Qirex Fury
    Assegai Fury
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    1. Vineta k. Best track no explaination needed.
    2. Vineta k reverse. Love speedlap session here. Amazing quad combi!
    3. Sebenco fwd as the most difficult track. At least i think so.
    Actually i like every track out of TdR , talons rev.

    Fav ships: iraras hari and feisar...

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    1- Anulpha pass reverse
    I like doing brs and the triple on venom (or flash. Done it on few tries so i know it's possible) is really fun. Other speed class it's still fun to do a double there, like in phantom where it's easy (doing it really well (flat) and really fast is not).
    Last turn is fun too
    2- Probably Vineta K reverse
    BRs everywhere, lots of fun
    3- Hard to tell, it could be differents tracks, like Sol 2 fwd or ubermall fwd/reverse.
    Some really fun brs and shortcuts

    1- Icaras
    2- Harimau
    3- Feisar

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    Favorite tracks:

    Amphiseum (F/R): I like the color scheme and the technically demanding nature of the track.
    Tech De Ra (F/R): It's a tough track because of the lack of guardrails but there's something cool about racing through mountain tunnels.
    Modesto Heights (F/R): It's a really, really hard track. But it's so satisfying to be able to race it well.

    LEAST favorite tracks:

    Sol 2: I am terrible at this track and I don't like flying over the edge.
    Ubermall: I stink at this track too and don't like that cheap turn near the end of the lap.
    Chenghou Project: It took me forever to beat this on Phantom Elite.

    Favorite tracks (zone mode only):

    Syncopia: my strongest track by far
    Anulpha Pass (R): my second strongest zone track
    Sebenco Climb (R): my best anti-zone track

    Favorite ships:

    AG Systems: It's a forgiving ship that handles well
    Harimau: A little faster than AG Systems, but with a weaker shield
    Assegai: The first ship I could use well

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    My favourites for Wipeout HD almost change monthly, but after a long break and coming back I think I've figured it out.

    Top 3 Ships

    Auricom HD -
    How the hell I managed to get good, and faster than Icaras and AG-SYS, with this thing I'll never know. But I love the feel of it! Its like a lightweight Triakis with a hint of Qirex. Their liveries aren't bad, and I feel very unique using it, as no one else does. Infact, I've taken to Auricom so much I'm flying them in every game!

    Auricom Fury -
    This one I use for tighter tracks, but it isn't as satisfying to use. Sure enough its an Auricom, but it isn't heavy enough XD It swings out at the rear end like the Icaras Fury does, but it doesn't flow as well as the HD version. I still like it because its one of the least twitchy Fury versions. Also, turn signal airbrakes.

    AG-Systems Fury -
    This thing does twitchy right, it has quite respectable stats, and it glides across the track. I still like the Auricom better, but this is good for technical tracks if you want a nerve-wracking experience trying to stop it from flying right into a wall or off-kilter for a barrel roll. But still, its a nice speedy craft with just a perfect handling feeling if you haven't had a look at the heavier top-end speed craft.

    Top 3 Tracks

    Metropia Forward -
    I do love this track's variety, and I love the whole "boost over a slight curve and get 200m of air"-thing, but this track takes concentration to hit all the speedpads too, especially on the magstrip when you turn down. the Carousel turn at the end feels so satisfying when you turn it just right too. Sure, a weird place to throw and Auricom, but I still love that damn ship.

    Amphiseum Reverse -
    A huge drop, a hairpin turn, a rollercoaster starting turn, and a shortcut through a billboard. I love this thing. Very satisfying to pull off correctly. Its also a good night track for photos, but sadly doesn't make use of a ship's headlights.

    Syncopia -
    Simple, raw speed. flowing turns, amazing scenery and the best glitch in this game. It is THE track for high zone runs and loyalty grinding. The first turn into the narrow section can be quite horrible though, and could singnal the start for a pinballing chain.

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    Sebenco Climb (F/R)
    Ubermall (F)
    Vineta K (R)



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    1. Goteki 45 Fury: My Harimau killer. Who doesn't love this ship? It might not be the easiest ship to fly, or the most agile, but the thrust is unparalleled by any other team! Weapon recovery time is also great, the ship looks amazing, and I love the way it handles. Even though it is a rather heavy and large craft, the craft is great for pulling off a cheeky barrel roll or two. (I did have a friend destroy MY ship, no matter, have 100000 loyalty with Goteki anyway)

    2. FEISAR Fury (ALSO MINE): A team that almost everyone loves, I love this ship to fly around some of the more technical tracks in the game (I hate you Sebenco Reverse, Ubermall, and Sol 2!) It may be a bit twitchy at times, but with almost completely equal stats to the Goteki (except in handling, where it is amazing in!), this thing is amazing to fly. (Yes, another friend thought he could handle Phantom Class on Sebenco Reverse vs Elite AI, and killed my ship)

    FEISAR? Another ship please?

    3. EG-X Fury: My OTHER Harimau killer. Great ship to fly around almost any track! Its slightly weak shield can get it into some trouble, and it handles slightly lighter than the Goteki, which has caused my some problems! Other than that, it does have a slightly better top speed than the Goteki at the cost of thrust, but I love this ship none the less. I also used this team to get Zone Zeus

    Favorite Tracks

    1: Anulpha Pass Forward: A simple track with a lot of depth to it, to find a better way of hitting every speed pad, where you should Barrel Roll, and what not! If I was going to do a race series with new players, this would be it! That narrow section is great for trolling players via Supermines and Bombs.

    2: Talon's Junction Forward: One of the intermediate difficulty tracks in the game, this track requires you to have a very good racing line for you to succeed on that track. The final hairpin feels amazing if you get it just right, and you can get a good lead over the Elite AI as well.

    3: Sebenco Climb Forward: Hairpin, hairpin, hairpin, harpin! This place is great for barrel rolling and testing every aspect of you and your craft. Surprisingly, I find this track easier than Tech De Ra, Chenghou Project, Vineta K, and Modesto Heights. This track isn't for the faint of heart...
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    Interesting picks, Mike, and I see your point in all of them. Well, I guess except for FEISAR, I hate FEISAR with a burning passion simply because it rivals my Icaras.

    My top 3 ships would be:

    1. Icaras - Pure speed. This thing can truly fly around any track, and if you can learn to maneuver it, it's a speed thrill!

    2. Goteki 45 - Another fast one. Not on top of the top speed list, but it gets you going very fast and holds the same thrill as an Icaras to throw around.

    3. Assegai - Flies like a dream, and it's fast too, which also helps in the long run after you master smoothing your corners.

    My least favorite 3 would be:

    1. FEISAR - They think they can rival my Icaras, when they can come nowhere close.

    2. Auricom - It seems like on almost every WO game, the AI computers make Auricom pilots nasty to race with. Plus the ship handles like a brick, which doesn't help.

    3. Triakis - Good for nothing but eliminator, and that sums it up right there.

    My top 3 tracks:

    1. Modesto Heights FWD - I got my first ever WO win here on Pure, and have loved it ever since. A difficult and tight track, Modesto is one of the most rewarding to master.

    2. The Amphiseum RVR - What a track this is! 6km of pure excitement, it is both a fan and a racer's dream, with sooo many cool features and memorable track sections, and the famous Amphi-scenic route. It never looked better.

    3. Moa Therma FWD - Such good racing lines around this place. I love entering an online lobby, losing every race, and then going to Moa Therma, where my opponents think they have it in the bag just like the other races. Unfortunately for them, I have mastered tightening my racing lines virtually to the wall here, and that makes for some easy speed on a wide but still very technical track.

    Least favorite 3 tracks:

    1. Chenghou Project - Tough corners, tough survival after BRs, tough everything. This course demands it all, and is really tricky to work.

    2. Metropia RVR - They should have kept the old version of Metropia from Pulse, no frustrating blind corners, lol

    3. Anulpha Pass FWD - Such a simple layout and still so difficult to beat Zico. Well made, HD team, but after taking the time to finally get that trophy I will never love this track.

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