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Thread: What are your Top 3 favorite tracks and ships?

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    Default What are your Top 3 favorite tracks and ships?

    Post something you like and give each reasons why is that your favorite track/ship.

    My Top 3 Tracks:
    1. Ubermall Forward - I mastered at navigating this route.
    2. The Amphiseum Reverse - Best place for Eliminator. It feels like playing in Pulse version.
    3. Syncopia - No tricky corners, wide width, excellent. Really love Zoning and Detonating there.

    My Top 3 Ships:
    1. AG-Systems - Good all-rounder ship.
    2. Icaras Fury - It maybe pinkish, but their handling is remarkable.
    3. Goteki 45 HD - Thrust may be perfect but their handling is usually difficult. Otherwise, i merely used it for Speed Laps in the campaign, tnx to Hellfire_WZ.
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