I hereby dedicate this thread to that delightful and superb creation known as the Wipeout HD Preview Edition, which included the pre-epilepsy test Zone mode.

Here is a 60fps 720p movie of Anulpha Pass from the preview version:


You must register to be a member of Gamersyde to download it, but it is of course well worth the extra couple minutes it takes to do so. The file is nearly 700 MB and runs over 3 minutes.

Here is a different lower quality but still remarkable video of Zone mode from the preview edition, no registration required:


I ask for this masterpiece and all knowledge related to it. I believe it is one of the most beautiful things ever created and look for it the way a wealthy art collector might look for a Rembrandt.

Although not an art collector, I do work long hours and wish to spend my cherished leisure time in the most fruitful and rewarding way possible. Preview edition Zone mode is one of those ways.

I heard from ProblemSolver once that the preview edition cannot be played on a normal PS3. There is also the obvious fact that it was never for sale in first place and may have only been given to the gaming press on the condition that it not be resold, making it ultra-difficult to find.

I would like to compensate any lawful owner from the studio or gaming press for what the preview edition is worth. Would three grand be within range? Let's talk about it.

I know very little about it, other than that it's beautiful, regardless of how obtainable or unobtainable it is. What do you know about it?