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    Hi all.
    I just got a ps3 a few weeks ago to play tekken 6, and since getting it i've discovered theres an updated version of one of my other favourite games of all time: Wipeout!

    So of course i am planning to buy that too. It's for sale at game for 16.99, or i could buy it at the playstation store for 1 more but then i would also get the expansion pack.. Sounds like a no brainer but i just have 1 question, so here goes-

    Would playing from the hard drive (as i would ofc have to do with the digital version) negatively impact the games performance or loading times?

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    Welcome to the forum. This has been answered elsewhere. Please do a search. If I find the answer myself I will let you know.

    EDIT: Link is here. A search for 'loading times' returned the answer.

    Also, the Blu Ray includes the expansion pack.

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