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    Question "Internal" view

    Anyone tried the internal view for a good amount of time?
    Usually the view from the very front of the thing you're racing in hasn't been a turn-on to me in any game, and I was expecting no different in Wipeout, mainly because of the speeds you're racing at.

    Change is always a bit of fun though, so I gave it a go on phantom class, while doing my 99 laps on Metropia, and I was surprised at how easy it was... in a way it was easier, while making the game feel faster and more exciting, and I got really good... is there something wrong with me here? I might start using it more often.

    Your "Internal" view: opinions?

    [EDIT] I apologise for my n00bness, this should reeally be moved to The Pilots Lounge :/ mods help?
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