I'm having issues with the video codecs on my computer (I think). I don't know a lot about this stuff but when you -first- capture video, it goes through a filter of some sort which processes the image into the visual picture that we see/recognize on the screen.

I wasn't having any issue UNTIL I installed a package of drivers which are basically any video codec ever They work really well in conjunction with that program "Super" when encoding and compressing video, but unfortunately this occurs:


(150k-ish image)

I've looked into it a bit, and apparently the codec used for video capture processing is "ffdshow" or something, and i've tried to play with the configuration settings, but to no avail. And usually in subsequent processing, you can change a video from interlaced to progressive and it will get rid of those kind of lines, but it doesn't work now- one frame of video looks like that even when in progressive mode.

Any ideas?