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Thread: Annoying things about WOHD that are not bugs

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasmin-jade View Post
    i wouldnt say the last onto the bridge barrel roll is all luck..i can do it 1 in 5 times in the tspeed lap..i would neer use it in a race though..

    to do it i pitch up high fly as right as possible to the wall on the approach and aim the nose of the craft exactly at the right side edge on the bridge..
    the ship may seem like it will miss the bridge but it wont.

    oh...btw i do the Br LRL not not sure but i think doing it that way makes the ship br the otherway round making the bridge bit easier..but you need to check it out..

    Yeah, but no matter how hard I try to land a barrel roll form a shorcut, nothing seems to be helping me on beating Zico. I can't help but get nervous by looking at the bridge, because it can lead to two problems, either I land a barrel roll off course, or land a barrel roll incorrectly at the bridge, thus my Piranha Fury won't receive a speed boost, so.. yeah that can suck for me .

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    well keep trying..remember you only need to do it once..

    new tip...jus remembered..when i failed to do the roll onto bridge i would crash ship off the edge and saves time and allows you too learn the roll.

    good luck im sure next time you post here you will have the trophey..

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    Wow, these are the exact same suggestions that I have been wanting ever since I quit way back when. I still love the game but I have stopped trying for records a long time ago because things just became tricky barrel roll based. I would love is even some of these things were implemented. Great list and I hope they are listening!

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