This thread is for aspects in the game that really annoy you and dehance play rather than enhance it but are not bugs, but rather how the game is.

my list is a s follows

Compulsory Ghosts on leaderboads

1.Downloadable ghosts on all tracks as a rule.Apart from a few generous players who do upload ghosts over the net this is a really annoying thing in wipeout.You try to get a top 10 record and miss it by miles cos you have no way of knowing what the player did to get that record.
In theory this can cause a situation where a greater player can lose to a lesser player who knows a BR trick or shortcut no one else knows which takes much skill from game and turns it into a knowledge game. Luckily many top players are generous in information sharing. But any game where the edge goes to someone who know a trick rather than their skill in the game has got to be annoying for many players.
In ridge racer you could download all ghosts of the records and see how they did it, not that it makes it easy as some moves are way to skillfull for most.

naff AI

I know elite is supposed to be hard but surely it can be made a little more realistic and not make the AI cheating as blatent.
Make thwm fly real racing lines make there ships handle properly
No more instant weapons, they must fly over pads like i do.

Wall collision

Need some serious sorting.
I really think they need to look at these silly plastic signs and plants and all the tiny little things that can make a ship flying at 800km/h suddenly stop dead and fly backwards..not only is it annoying, its totally naff.

I think wall scrapes are totally unrealistic and sometimes overly slow the ship down.

Not saying i want an easy track just mke it more realistic and not geared towards being annoying.I would like it so a crash could spin out your ship back to front, something thats more realistic.

Ship Damage

Wow..this suks so bad online sometimes.You get two ships that clash and and lock together and you lose upto 100% energy and blow up straight away.
Yet you can fly headon into a wall with a turbo and lose 10%..thats dumb.
Totally inaccurate dammage system imo.

these are elements in the game i think are rubbish.

just to end on a positive everything else is good and i stil love the game, i just think it could be improved upon and not so bichy to the player.