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Thread: 3D Wipeout!

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    Default 3D Wipeout!

    Eurogamer have been theorising over Sony's new updates and forthcoming plans.

    I reckon it will go down a storm, just a bit gutted that my eyes don't work together properly to take advantage.

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    I don't really see what the big craze in 3D is. Last time I saw a 3D movie (about 6-7 years ago, it just looked crappy. The glasses just ruined the picture, which was already ruined because of the red and blue lines. Nowadays, it seems every other movie that comes out ends up being in 3D. Has it really improved enough so that it actually looks 3D? I'm looking through the article and it's talking about 3D vision goggles, and I am strangely reminded of the Nintendo Vitrual Boy. Wipeout is fun as long as it's not giving you a headache. I just don't see 3D taking off any time soon, and it feels like everyones rushing it.

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    There's an earlier thread that discusses WO 3D and surrounding issues here:

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