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    Default Detonator mode

    New mode, New thread!

    i've always been good in detroying mines with canon, and Detonator mode is nothing more than that, with incredible Zone tracks, lights, colours...

    i really like this mode, i took a lot in the eyes.

    For the most i understood, each stage (lap) you gain shield.

    You got to reload your gun if you want (absorb) but if it's empty, stop firing will reload it, if you dont stop, you can't fire, and you take mines in the face.

    Speed pads are replaced by other pads,
    passing over 4 of them will load the EMW, use it by pressing L1, but it's not effective until you load it more by passing over more pads
    the more you load, the further the wave will be sent.

    I suppose that chains are the number of consecutve hits with your gun
    full chain (15) will give you bonus points and a bronze trophy.
    5, and 10 gives also points.

    Bombs are beautifull, and all mines are beating on the music!!

    Good job to the Detonator devs!!!
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