...was the 1st of april 2009 (and no, this is no belated april's fool). That was the day the company, which I had joined in january this year, presented me my layoff. I wasn't told the reasons why they fired me even though I asked them twice, but all I was told in a harsh voice was „You know we don't have to tell you, so we are not going to do so!“. After one day of being angry and shocked - I was thinking „how bloody hell am I going to find a new job now, right in the middle of one of the world's biggest financial crises“ - I decided to take my financial fate into my own hands from now on. I decided to start up my own company for private and buisiness financial consulting. I told my lawyer to check the situation concering my old comapany, set up my business plan and handed in all the necessary documents for starting up my own company at the competent government agency in my hometown. I also phoned a lot of my contacts and friends I had made over the last few years and got my first promises for future buisiness partnership almost immediately. On june 3rd my request for starting my own company was finally approved by our government. Since that day I am now officially my own boss and do a job which is really fun doing for me. The first three weeks have started out great and if everyone of my customers is paying their bills to me properly I won't have to think about money for the next few weeks to come. The thing I've learned from this situation is that there will always be friends and people helping you if you just stay true to yourself and focus on creating your future instead of mourning over some bad things that happened to you in the past.

I really don't know for sure why I am telling you all this. I guess that, as a long time member of this site, I just felt like doing so. And I think another reason is to tell you guys to always keep your head up even if life's a real bitch for you sometimes. Never give up, never loose hope! There will always be a way to deal with whatever troubles you might have to face in life and you'll always become stronger when you've sucessfully tackled one of the problems life is throwing into your way.