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Thread: V1.40 tomorrow!

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    It might depend when you are playing and who you are playing against [local/not that far away/united nations] that the problems occur more often,if at all in your case.

    Some seem to be lucky and not have any [or very few] problems,others get them all at one stage or another during a long session of online play.

    Very frustrating when you do get the problems.
    Others might get the impression that you can't play the game within the top ranks,where in truth you are being hampered by Vista pads,non functioning BR's and lag [with the Vista pads being the worse]

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    Well I have been playing with players that I know from the Zone, that I know are from EU/AUS, been in rooms from Europe and Japan. I can't say there are no issues at all. Barrel Rolls aren't coming out sometimes. I can live with that, I can still win without doing every single possible BR. And the BRs in Pure were hit-and-miss as well, and when that game was at it's peak there wasn't that much uproar.

    The only real major issues I'm having have been around since 1.26.

    Weapon pads about a second and a half to respawn, and when I'm following someone close and I desperately need to absorb something to recharge my shields, I have to slow up to allow the weapon pads enough time to recharge. Honestly that's worse than some jackoff camping on the same pad the entire race. The weapon pads take too long to respawn. I haven't gotten a single so-called Vista pad but at least you'll know which ones to avoid and plan accordingly. The recharge times for a working weapon pad, though, are a f*cking joke.

    And if I haven't made myself clear about ship-to-ship collisions in online, let me restate again that it is hot, salty garbage. It's the most overpowered weapon in the game. And that's why I hate that people are saying the pick-ups are overpowered now, I have been able to recover from being hit by mines and rockets etc, but if I get pinned against a wall by three different pilots I can't come back from that. I just can't. If SL fixes this in 1.50 and doesn't address any other issues I will be so overjoyed anyway.

    I'm still not sold on the ship handling bugs that are apparently so drastic that they're turning the nimbler ships into barges around corners, though.

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    I also have been in ships which handled differently ( worse ) than the ship i actually chose. many times i have returned to the ship select screen to find that it is on egx NOT ag syst as originally selected. On the whole, I think SL are getting there albeit somewhat slower than expected. Keep at it SL, patience is a virtue and we are all getting very virtuous....

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