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28awg is what I should use then? I'm not even going to tell you what I used, I'll give you a hint though. Smallest wire at radio shack Can't wait to make another one.
The smallest wire at Rat Shack is 30awg magnet wire, which is technically the same size as what I used for some of this, but it's actually thinner as the insulation on it is an enamel, so it's a lot thinner than the coating on 30awg Kynar wire.

You should use whatever awg ya need for whatever you're doing. The 28awg is a little big for soldering on those IC pads, but could be soldered to a Via with little issue, so it all depends on what/where/how you're doing it as to what awg will work better. They have the 30awg Kynar (Wrapping wire) at Rat Shack also.