This is where I'm at with it right now..

That 10k POT in there has to go, it's just way too high a value to get the sensitivity down that low. A 5k POT for starters would be a much better starting point, then if need be it can be modified down to be more sensitive like I did with the 10k one.

Right now I have to go to around 100 on it to get a full turn out of it, and that's as sensitive as I can get it with that 10k POT in there as ya can only fudge it so far before it's starts to either get screwy on ya or just doesn't work, and yeah it does need to be more sensitive than that, but changing the POT to a lower value is the only way to do that while staying in the hardware hacking realm.

I'm off to hunt some catalogs for a good replacement.