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    Default Impossible record?

    Today I was playing online, I did meet great people from here like Darkridium777 and SaturnReturn, and on one of the races I was waiting, I selected the spectator mode. While I was waiting I wanted to see at the end the records in that circuit (Anulpha Pass) to see how good the people was on that course and my position. And you can't imagine my face when I saw I was on Place #1 worldwide with a impossible time of 20 seconds, 0 boost pads and Harimau, not for one lap, ¡ for the whole race !

    I don't know how the record tables exactly works. But if I select personal I see the time of 20 seconds. And I if select global, the time used is another one, with a Feisar. Maybe I'm a bit lost on this?
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