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Thread: "Official" V1.30 Update Changelog

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    Default "Official" V1.30 Update Changelog

    Why is "Official" in quotation marks? Well this has to do with the visible changes and invisible or unannounced changes made to the game in this new patch.
    Sure, we've had the PS.Blog post about it to tell us about online rankings and etc, but what they didn't say is what other bugs were fixed (Bugs reported here.) and what other things were added/modified.

    I will add the following *NEW* tag to stuff I have added the most recently. Please keep checking back

    Here is the changelog:



    • Dynamic HUD effects can be toggled On or Off
    • Progression bar during loading actually shows loading progress
    • The Select Button can no longer be used as a key bind
    • At all times during gameplay, you can pause and view the game invites people have sent you, or press the Select Button if you are on the main menu
    • Contender Eliminated game lag has been fixed
    • Mines have a green glow around them
    • Leech Beam slow down effect has been increased
    • Rockets slow down effect has been increased
    • Quake travel speed has been slowed down

    • Split Screen has been optimized for better performance
    • Split Screen now allows you to disable the AI opponents
    • Zone mode graphical effects have been enhanced (See here for details)
    • Zone craft handling is more responsive (See here for details)
    • You can now cancel your lap time in Speed Lap to regain your turbo powerup. Can be used multiple times to complete a "preparation" lap more quickly. The cancel option is assigned to the Select Button
    • The "quit race" option has disappeared from the pause menu in Speed Lap mode. *NEW*

    • 50 online ranks have been made available for you to progress through
    • 33 badges can be obtained for performing specific actions in online events
    • Spectator mode is available for late joiners. Watch the best players in action!
    • A podium depicting the three best players has been added at the end of online events
    • Friend invites and friend tracking supported
    • Barrel rolls can be toggled On or Off [Host option]
    • Pilot Assist can be allowed or disallowed [Host option]
    • Hints showing what pickups each player is carrying can be toggled On or Off [Host option]
    • The number of laps for a race can be increased from the default minimum (3 for Venom, 4 for Flash and Rapier, 5 for Phantom) to 20 [Host option]
    • Games can be created publicly, for friends only or on an invitation basis [Host option]
    • Game host can no longer choose the maximum number of players for an online game.
    • A Badge section has been added on the online lobby so you can view your collected badges
    • A new Online Rank ranking table has been added under the Records on the Main Menu
    • The online lobby now shows every game available, either in progress or waiting for players, and the options selected by the host under the server list
    • Loading screens during tournaments show the scoreboard and the list of tracks from the tournament
    • Bomb proximity issue, which caused random detonation when passing near one, has been fixed
    • Mines stay deployed on the track longer than the default time frame (Which is six seconds)

    Of course this may seem a little redundant, as many things were already discussed in other threads, but for viewing pleasure and for enjoyability, it's best to regroup everything in one thread pertaining to this particular discussion (Right Lance? )

    As I said, if you see anything missing, post about it. I think I got pretty much everything (including some things not mentioned before AFAIK, like the ability to disable HUD effects), but if something is missing, it needs to be said!
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