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Thread: Scandinavian Wipers: Come join the party!

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    Smile Scandinavian Wipers: Come join the party!

    It´s quite hard keeping track of the scandinavian wipers, so here we go:
    If you´re a wiper from Finland, Norway, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Sweden or Denmark, come join the party at Team Nordic.
    At the Team Nordic Headquarter, we´re offering historical battles and free virtual beer . You´re more than welcome - just bring your passport.
    Every week we´re arranging the extremely famous Nordic Sessions - even non-scandinavians try to sneak in .
    Now and then we´re having international matches. YOU could be on the team! - if you´re fast enough, that is . (We´re always having Qualification Matches before such an event - everybody´s got the chance to qualify).

    In the weeks to come:
    Wednesday the 25th of march - 20.30 GMT: 7th Nordic Sessions.
    Thursday the 2nd of april - 20.30 GMT: Qualification Matches (with and without weapons) for The International Meeting.
    Saturday the 4th of april - 21.00 GMT: International Meeting - vs. France, England and The Flying Dutchmen.

    At the moment all events are at Phantom Speed, but if demanded other speed classes could be incorporated.

    If you´re in for lunacy, destruction, chaos, speed, death, anger, hillarious moments, competition and a great community inside WO-zone, we´ll definately see you!
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