Hi all,

I suggest you throwing a subject of discussion concerning fine details for zone mode...

(in advance, please be indulgent with my english because I'm french and not very good ^^)

Here are some points that I noticed that will be usefull, but some things I don't really understand :

• I noticed that the energy went increase very slowly during the race, is this a regular natural regain (that is not in other modes ?) or is that influenced by passing on boosts?

• Speed is not at ALL influenced if we press X ? Maybe a link with regain?

• Is the passage to next zone regular (based on time elapsing) or by a precise moment on the track (based on distance) ?

• Is this transition to next zone influenced by boosts ? (faster transition based on speed increasing)

• Personnally, I prefer use only air-brakes for easy zones, then in Rapier I use both simultaneously. What's your kind of use in air-brakes/sticks rapport ? Do you use stick for hard turns and R2/L2 at the end of turn, do you use both at 50/50 in same time (I do that), or...What else ?

• Have you other tips ??

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